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  1. I start every morning like that. A slip of tea, then I turn to the sky and say it in a deep, calming voice. You know, I use Arch, BTW.

  2. When I switched to Ubuntu, I felt like a clown. But not because of Ubuntu. Because I could've been using Ubuntu all those years I was on Gentoo.

  3. I use Ubuntu on my desktop and love it (Fedora on the laptop). Couldn’t give a damn what anyone else thinks. You do you, etc. This community is so embarrassing sometimes.

  4. "The community" has had a hate boner since the moment Ubuntu became the default distro recommended for newbies. Circa 2007, I think. It's definitely getting old at this point. Microsoft gets less hate at this point than Ubuntu does.

  5. Same. I’ve used it for a decade because it mostly just works. Anything popular will be singled out I guess.

  6. i don't think anyone really dislikes ubuntu, folks just get hung up on stuff that doesn't matter for the sake of appearing enlightened to the made up linux lords. once they step outside and talk to some real people they'll calm down.

  7. It's expected the same as GNOME DE, when becomes popular some people dislike one or two things and they start to shit on like the entire distro was bad

  8. i don't know, i'm pretty noob in all of these stuff but i have tried ubuntu and mint, and after using mint for like 6 months i came back to ubuntu, i just feel really comfortable in ubuntu and mint just feels like windows

  9. I wouldn't necessarily choose to daily drive it myself, but Fedora plays a big role in Linux development. Hell, they're already started making plans for GCC 14 and contacting upstream projects about potential pain points. Very on-the-ball.

  10. To my Ubuntu Fellows: Why feel offended? I think it's fine. I enjoy my Ubuntu 22.04 on ROG machine, and working without problems.

  11. I would have been more inclined to place openSuse in the clown suit, but the pic might also simply not be that great a fit..

  12. I stick to Ubuntu because ls -lha is already in the aliases as ll and I like that sort of thing (jk, I'm just too familiar with it to consider switching)

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