Why Pearson?

  1. If memory serves you can get around that prompt without editing the User Agent. It's been a bit since I've needed to deal with Pearson, but I have used it on Linux with zero issues.

  2. Joke aside, its probably a stock string. A lot of people still on, say Windows 7, that need to be on Windows 10 or 11 to be supported.

  3. They use quite invasive spyware for their proctored exams. It’s not that it “doesn’t work” on Linux - they probably just couldn’t be arsed to support it.

  4. Also... Linux users are far more likely than windows users to know how to sandbox their shit or otherwise screw with the spyware.

  5. I'm not bothered by the fact that they don't support Linux. Critical mass, and all that. I am, however, pissed that they consider switching to one of their supported OS's to be an "upgrade".

  6. Fuck Pearson. Those greedy monsters sell ebooks with limited time online access for like $60 each and you have to buy them because your university wants to give you assignments on their platform. Fuck Pearson for making education expensive. Fuck Pearson.

  7. Ebooks tied to HW assignments are such a scam. I miss physical textbooks when you could grab an old used copy for cheap.

  8. Years ago I circumvented a similar stupidity, on a bank platform, using Opera, but that was before their transition to Chromium's technology. I remember that it bothered me a lot and I called and called, until I managed to communicate with a systems department, who had to listen to my rant xD

  9. Pearson is pure ass. The textbooks are decent but their monetizing scheme and online textbook website are so unpleasant to deal with.

  10. One big reason for that message is mainly because the proctoring software used for monitoring the test-taker expects a Windows system and to be able to access your webcam, microphone and to take screenshots of your screen and desktop as part of the monitoring.

  11. try using mypal via wine xd, it should work on any browser because all shoudl have the same feature set (Excluding Safari and with ti every browser on non mac apple devices because they use safari webkit engine)

  12. I’ve seen a lot of these posts in the past, but I forgot about them when I had to use Pearson’s service for school and casually went to their website.

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