So, windows couldn’t manage to compress 140 gb of video clips, so I whipped out my arch usb and tarred it

  1. I would like to, but I’m using my desktop primarily for gaming, and windows is Stil lathe best option until the devs also develop for Linux

  2. There won't be any sizeable gains (could even go the other way and add bulk indeed): video codecs are video-specific high-quality compressors after all and if zipping was consistently improving things by more than a few fractions of a %, it would be done all the time.

  3. I know it says he is having trouble compressing these videos, but it’s possible that is putting them into a zip or tar file so it can easily be encrypted as one file.

  4. Then the codec compresses it for a single file, but compressing multiple compressed files together could reduce the overall size.

  5. You might want to try paq compression, though it takes a lot of time and computer power, i've had some decent space gains with it, much better than gunzip or 7z. Just in terms of drive space though, patience is a virtue

  6. That is a live install (actually just the arch Linux installer) on an usb drive. The screen is split with the screen command. Left is the verbose output of tar and right is htop with io-Monitor

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