Dahmer became unwatchable because of these monologues

  1. Yep. I stopped watching mid-season because of that too. Dahmer became a talking point about racism instead of about the mind of a serial killer.

  2. The narrative in Dahmer was a necessary one. It wasn’t centered around Dahmer being inherently racist, it shed light on the corruption of the police department in the city. It brought to your face the fact that two officers who failed to do their job, in a very grotesque way, went on to have bright and shiny lives in law enforcement. They killed that poor kid and by proxy all the other lives lost at that apartment by not responding to numerous cries from the community.

  3. The Boys is riddled with that shit. I made it through tho it’s not terrible. Idc what anybody says, if you can hear the writers views on something through a character, regardless of what it is, it hurts the integrity of the show and breaks the fourth wall. Unless that’s done on purpose like a rick n morty type deal then it’s always a negative.

  4. The last season of The Boys made me get the comics. There are significant differences, so it's a fairly new experience that you won't mind starting from the beginning. It's around as different as Marvel 616 is from MCU.

  5. I was fine with literally everything (including the blue hawk stuff cause it was handled much better than any other show would've done it) except for the "homelands as Trump" stuff. It cheapens the character to have hum be a lampooning of a real figure, and he's Way more of an Andrew Tate type lol

  6. At least with the boys it was more subtext and stuff, and it was still a quality show. But yeah there was some preaching and eue rolling stuff, but I can forgive it because the show hits so hard.

  7. My wife loves Grey’s Anatomy and she is about to stop watching because the new episodes’ plots revolve around whatever the woke script of the week is. This week’s was abortion. She’s a liberal too and is sick of the mindless pandering.

  8. One of the worst cases of that was Falcon and the Winter soldier. Sam went on a solid 5 minute rant telling the senator to “do better” while offering no better solutions

  9. right? Since they decide to make the bad guys "immigrants" they can't actually be bad. Even when they are murdering people and blowing shit up (or planning to release a virus but not really tho). The good guys have to stand up for them and say that really its immigration policy that turns them into Aladdin and it's not their fault.

  10. Every cast in practically any new show now has an Asian, a black lady, gay dude and gay/lesbian couple. And a white guy to shit on is getting to be quite a hit as well.

  11. My wife still watches Grey’s Anatomy. Complains all the time about the political posturing, but still watches it. The other day the plot was a lady from Idaho that had an ectopic pregnancy. Hospitals in Idaho wouldn’t treat her because of abortion laws and she makes her way into Washington state to be treated, dying on the way.

  12. I wouldn’t call Dahmer woke, but it definitely stretched the truth to play up the racial angle of his crimes. Glenda Cleveland’s a composite character. She existed, but she wasn’t actually his next door neighbor and didn’t even live in the same apartment building. She never met Dahmer

  13. I actually thought they did a decent job showing that his crimes did not have a racial component to them, despite the obvious intent to try to play up the racial angle for all it was worth.

  14. Fight scene nice... and now everything bad in the world is my fault and i should hate myself and give away everything i own. Fantastic and from out of nowhere too. If i did control the world i wouldn't be giving it away because a bunch of actors that make a thousand times as much as i do tell me. The whole thing instantly becomes lame and unwatchable though so nice work. Just dont walk to subway at 3 in the morning in Chicago or anything or those famous chicago trumpers might strike again.

  15. Imagine trying to make a real-life serial killer look relatable, progressive and woke, then having the balls to label critics of said half-assed Monologues 'Evil'.

  16. This sort of thing has more recently become a game for my dad and I. Well watch a modern movie or show we think looks kinda cool and then we’ll try and count how many woke ideas or tropes are thrown in.

  17. They claimed the police were racist without providing any proof. If anything, the police didn’t get involved because it looked like gay lovers having a quarrel. If they had intervened, they would have been accused of being homophobic.

  18. Not related shows but games for example like Far cry 6. Ubisoft pretty much made it for the people that were complaining that far cry 5 enemies are not trump supporters, now you lead a zoomer communist group fighting a dictator(pretty much a good guy if you look deep into it) and have quest that you pretty much helping someone transiting like it’s on the nose.

  19. Seems Iike writers of certain shows have a quota or checklist of what they or their bosses feel the need to slip in. I'd prefer blatant product placement.

  20. Man, when Battlestar Galactica did that episode on abortion, their logic was basically: “Humans are an endangered species now, let’s do the Cylon’s work for them.”

  21. It was the second season fhat was the worst, when they introduced literal Nazis with an implied MAGA allegory. The line was something like, "This is what half of us believe. They just dont like the word Nazi."

  22. I didn't watch the show but I'm sure they tried to frame Dahmer as racist or something because he killed black people. He was more of an opportunist killing anything he could.

  23. There isn't any woke shit in the Dahmer series. It was actually really good. Hard to watch for obvious reasons. But really good.

  24. I don’t remember anything other than the black cop being unprofessional and lecturing him when he should be trying to be “good cop” to get as much intro from him

  25. Haven't watched Dahmer yet, but the Boys dabbled in wokeness which has nearly turned me off at times, but just because I disagree with points of view shouldn't mean I'm against hearing it. It will make me think a bit more about my values

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