Climate change doomer plans for the future

  1. These people literally think that global temperatures going up a degree would spell extinction for the human race. Even in the worst forecasts nothing like that is the case. Oh no, sea levels rose ten feet! Everyone living on the coast instantly died! Not. It's hysteria.

  2. Oh I’m sure some liberal politician in the future will seize and redistribute retirement funds to help him out.

  3. You stopped paying your 401k because inflation makes it no longer worth it, and you’re too scared to admit the government you voted for caused it, so you blame climate.

  4. Hear me out, because I don't know the context of this post. Is there any chance that person was actually being hilarious on purpose, but with enough subtlety that the libs wouldn't notice he was satirizing them? Please, I want to believe.

  5. And then, when it's too late to change and the world hasn't ended to climate change, this fucker is gonna demand we take care of him because he didn't bother contributing to his own future.

  6. This 👆exact mentality of most people who are the victims of their own poor choices. They almost never blame themselves or admit to even a modicum of personal fault for their negative actions, the consequences they result for others, let alone the horrific conditions their actions have left them in. And when the going gets especially tough they outright arrogantly demand (with not the slightest hint of self reflection, without politeness, a formal apology or anything resembling any intention to demonstrate genuine gratitude to their source of relief) others rectify their problems (that are chiefly of their own creation) for them.

  7. Given the recent U. S. foreign policy we're all more likely to die in a nuclear war with Russia and/or China.

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