"Then they came for my porn..."

  1. What if it's a man pretending to be a woman selling his body and dedicating himself to fulfilling men's desires?

  2. Oh no what a nightmare. I know my life would have been so much worse, so unfulfilled, had I never seen porn. What’s the point of continuing on if I can’t sit alone in my room and touch myself while watching other people have sex?

  3. … huh? Doesn’t porn exploit the ever living daylights out of women?? Why would the destruction of porn be a bad thing?

  4. Good. Human trafficking victims will be grateful for this, since they’re commonly forced into pornography against their will.

  5. I read somewhere that the pornhub owner is very reclusive and protective of his privacy, all while he exploits millions of women caught in trafficking or subjects of “revenge porn”

  6. It’s why pornhub had to delete more than half of their content when it was revealed most of the “amateur” stuff was exploitative and/or illegal.

  7. I think this is still whining about the repeal of Roe v. Wade. Only connection I see is they’re worried they’ll lose another avenue of consequence-free sex.

  8. Ah yes, nothing more respectful towards women than watching them get brutally gangbanged, undignified, and pumped with drugs and coerced into scenes they don't want to do.

  9. It’s like the patron beneficiaries of a local abusive pimp’s “services” trying to pretend to be huge feminists to the townswomen during the day.

  10. I personally prefer to clutch on to my code of ethics and the tools by which I express my second amendment rights. You know my “guns and Bible” as it were.

  11. Those who burn books today will burn bodies tomorrow. One of the most flagrant deprivation of rights is the censorship of freedom of speech.

  12. Yes, because if any industry is known to go hand in hand with proper treatment of women, it’d be the pornography industry.

  13. It's ok, go ahead and ban porn. All leftist believe conservative states only search for trans porn. Good. Ban away

  14. I honestly can't believe they are using the "I know you are but what am I!?"insult technique.. The ideology they are accusing Conservatives of is Socialism, a political party they embrace.. You will be hard pressed to not find a "Communist Manifesto" on the coffee table of any man who wants to shove a baby shaped butt-plug in his busted, reamed cornhole so he can pretend to play mommy with his boy/girl/cat/paint/baby shaped butt-plug- friend who he is not married to but IS married to a they/them/octopus/octopuses/tapeworm/tapeworms named Thurgood.. God, I hope I didn't miss a pronoun! That would be sooooo insulting!

  15. Is it bad if i use porn but the women aren’t real, cause i might use porn, but it’s all drawings and stuff, no real women

  16. People can do what they want, I’m not sure what the weirdo posted above is on about no one is even trying to ban pornography. We’re not making fun of him for being a porn addict (at least not primarily anyway) we’re making fun of him for being delusional enough to believe anyone cares to do anything about it.

  17. Relax bridge troll 🧌 I assure you absolutely no one is remotely interested in helping alleviate you of your chronic porn addiction, sad lonely incel lifestyle, or otherwise self sabotaging and destructive behavior. Those are exclusively your own problems, you are responsible for fixing them yourself. What we object to is you trying to force your problems to be “our problems.”

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