The 200 year old presidential flute

  1. she is trained to professionally play classical flute however it is a 200 year old presidential artifact and it’s made of crystal, you can’t repair crystal because it’s all one piece, if it was damaged in any way there is no repairing it. Honestly I’m mainly mad at the head librarian of congress who started all of this by calling over her favorite pop artist to play a 200 year old instrument, it’s not Carla’s personal collection it’s the god damn congressional collection and her job is to ensure it’s safe not to hand shit out.

  2. I don’t know what’s more horrifying, having to watch that, or being in the same room as Jeffrey Dahmer, this poor bastard has to deal with both. Fuck

  3. I could not care less about the flute. What I don't get is how this woman is famous. She's not a great singer or artist. She's not attractive. I don't see any real talent. She just seems trashy.

  4. Because she’s an oppressed black woman who sang one day and someone felt pitiful for her, gave her a few million dollars and told her how to operate auto tune. Now she’s the face of “body positivity” whatever the fuck that means. Just tells me people are being lazy and willing to accept anything as long as some neck beard in his mommies basement feels better about herself having not made someone upset for the day. Yes I know what I typed. So now we have fat people being called “healthy” when they can’t walk 100 paces before being out of breath. I quit feeling sorry for myself years ago after looking in the mirror and not liking what I saw. I got my fat ass to the gym and moved some heavy ass weight. I might weigh more now than I did then, but muscle is muscle. I don’t jiggle like I did before and i look half decent when I flex. All these people saying “I just can’t lose weight” i say bullshit. I’m tired of this acceptance as to not hurt feelings. Just better yourself and quit caring what others think. I’ll happily tell someone to fuck off if they’re being self loathing leeches of society.

  5. Because the music of each generation changes. Replace Lizzo with Elvis, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan or Johnny Cash and you are repeating what parents have said for years. I remember my musical inclined father in law complaining about how all these guys were no talent bums.

  6. You do realize that art is subjective right? Clearly other people like her music/voice and are spending their money to support her career. Yay free market! But that being said, as a classically trained musician, I will say that she actually does have a strong and unique voice. Her timbre was a bit disarming when I first heard her sing but I put away my preconceptions and realized she’s singing with zero affectations and sounds like no one else which is refreshing. As far as the auto tune comment- firstly they likely meant pitch correction which is so ubiquitous that I would wager that most are unaware 99% of the time it’s being used. I’m talking about 2% pitch correction and a low retune speed. Secondly decrying autotune/pitch correction shows how démodé you are and unable to appreciate the “rhyme of history”. My grandparents used to say the same things about The Beatles and Elvis- speaking of technology helping lacking vocal performances - Elvis drenched his vocals in slapback echo and reverb.

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