You have to use tone indicators all the time or else you’re ableist

  1. They're mocking the disabled with their bullshit diagnosis. They're not neurodivergant... They're just an asshole. The so called "medical condition" is nothing more than a get out of jail free card that they use when they start to lose an argument.

  2. Something like /s (satire) /j (joke) or /srs (serious). I actually like them. Not because I'm neurodivergent, but because I'm an idiot

  3. Something like /s (satire) /j (joke) /srs (serious). I actually like them. Not because I'm neurodivergent, but because I'm an idiot

  4. I'm neurodivergent and if I misinterpret tone in written word, I ask, and then I just let it go. You know, cause I have bigger fish to fry.

  5. Every new word they come up with is just a way to pad these people’s fragile identities. That’s all we’re dealing with. A bunch of adult toddlers with identity issues.

  6. As someone who is also neurodivergent let me speak for all of us when I say: Shut up and stop being a fucking baby. The world's not going to cater to your issues and to expect it to is unrealistic and selfish.

  7. As a "neurodivergent" (I hate that word, though), I prefer people who treat us like normal human beings, even if it means we get confused sometimes, over those you treat us like children, and are always getting offended "on our behalf".

  8. “Neurodivergent” is not a real term. It’s a made up word used by very average people who are desperate to be “special”.

  9. Good lord. I’d love to show people 2 years ago let alone even 10 years ago all these terms and see their reaction. “Tone indicators” is a new one for me. Even “ableist” just started showing up in recent years. These people need terms and slogans for everything, it’s insane.

  10. I really hate that term neurodivergent, it doesn't say anything. Are they dyslexic, have tourette's, adhd, autism, schizophrenia, what is it? And they should realise the world doesn't revolve around them, especially on a public forum. Don't understand something? Ask.

  11. Well, i struggle with tone in written and spoken phrases, so i live my life with multiple possibilities and i decide wich one sounds better. And yeah, please don't use tone indicators, i'm not disabled, i Just struggle a bit.

  12. why are people proud of saying they’re “neurodivergent”? doesn’t that mean you have a mental illness?

  13. Does this bitch need "tone indicators" in person as well? Just imagine her, and someone with the dryest humour, in the same room. She would get mocked endlessly💀

  14. I have said for YEARS there needs to be a sarcasm font. It's not just the easily offended that need guard rails every once in a while. I've gotten into HUGE fights with some of my exes over it...

  15. I'm Neuro divergent and get jokes just fine, people need to be told weather something is serious or not? We really are becoming more and more dependent on other s to tell us what to do. It's ADHD and was diagnosed by a doctor at age 3.

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