No walls? then how is it a room?

  1. I’m not so good with Spanish but I’m pretty sure if there are males and females you would automatically use an O to end the word, there’s no need to put an (a) there

  2. yea - who even insinuated that latinos are rapist and drug dealers. even trump said that mexicans are great people but there are some bad actors (rapist and drug dealers) coming through the southern border - and he's right and stating facts - and even latino conservatives think that that is problematic (as do the vast majority of sensible people).

  3. How about we stop putting people in different categories and labeling them, and instead, treat everyone as equals? “You all matter, don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.”

  4. If they did that governments would lose the ability to regiment and manipulate useful and overly emotional idiots into doing whatever they want. Can’t have that

  5. I don't remember what sub it was in, but a few days ago I saw a picture of two kids, one black and one white, that got the same haircut to fool their teacher.

  6. As a kid, I watched family matters all the time. "Did I do that?" Would I watch a show that has only black people now? Very unlikely.

  7. Leftists hate it when people become color blind. They want division, and they doing it by judging people based off of their skin colour. They belittle African Americans by saying they can't be successful because of their skin color, which is apparently the fault of the "evil white people"

  8. Funny enough, the more everyone is expected to self identity and categorize themselves, the less included I feel.

  9. Yeah, or they're preparing to be overtaken by kids in China & India, who are learning science, math, and other practical stuff.

  10. I love how Muslims are a victim category in the US but every other category listed will get their shit fucked up in a Muslim majority country LOL

  11. That’s untrue for every category besides LGBT, and maybe undocumented folk. There are many black/African Muslim majority countries, plenty of women living happily in Muslim majority countries, etc.

  12. The Black Students one automatically implies that outside of the classroom their lives don’t matter. Great messaging, no way these kids are going to grow up with a major chip on their shoulders, right?

  13. Lmao, I'm imagining the Latino and Muslim students just going "wait, what? Who was saying we were? Is that what people think about me?" It's so unintentionally rude.

  14. I’m sorry but if I belonged to one of these groups and saw this shit, it would piss me off. I don’t need a “superior” individual or group to protect me. We’re all created equal and I can protect myself.

  15. Funny how in middle school, our stereotype for Latinos were guys with maracas and sombreros and we called all of our Mexican friends "El Jose", "Juan" or something like that.

  16. Whoever wrote this card is extremely misogynistic and problematic. They're showing an unconscious bias in favor of men - Latina women are literally a parenthetical afterthought.

  17. Why is it always black, Muslim and Hispanics (less so btw)? What about the Chinese population? What about Vietnamese? What about Indian?

  18. The left has completely disassociated from reality. To the point they are the most violent, racist, divisive group and have NO IDEA that’s what they are.

  19. Nothing for male students, white students, or straight students. Not exactly an all inclusive classroom is it.

  20. The Latino one is racist af, constantly seeing that sign every day at class would piss me off, constantly reminded that I’m stereotyped as a rapist and drug dealer. I would rip that fucking thing off the wall

  21. Go to DC. They have street signs posted in neighborhoods that says protect black and brown children. It's part of the indoctrination and plan to create racial conflict.

  22. Sounds like the teacher who wrote all those inspirational messages is just outstanding in zir field!

  23. who's gonna tell them that by insinuating these things about specific races, they're ironically the racist one

  24. I worked in the warehouse for a company called Imperfect Foods in Walnut,Ca. They had support groups that got to meet up and air out their grievances on the clock for every race except whites. They even had a support group for Asians even though no Asians even worked in the warehouse.

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