Boy, Monkeypox sure disappeared quickly didn't it?

  1. B. When it was revealed who(m?) it mostly affected, they couldn't use it as a cudgel against the general population anymore. It had to go away.

  2. It was a test to see if our Overlords could force people back to ; home confinement, masks, mail in voting. Basically trying to see if the population will continue to VOLUNTARILY guve up freedoms. The test did not go as planned so it was withdrawn.

  3. We're ramping up for an election, that's why they're breaking out new distractions until election results are tallied.

  4. There’s a new Covid variant just in time for the election for the ppl driving alone and still wearing masks in their car.

  5. Yeah, transmission through bodily fluids would mostly be a problem in poorer 3rd world countries considering how the living condition is, but it probably won't reach a significant amount even there.

  6. Actually preventing it would mean closing bathhouses and not having pride, so they let it just happen and spread out

  7. When it became clear that 90% of the cases were among homosexuals and 50% of said homosexuals also had HIV/AIDS, it was doomed to be the boogeyman they wanted it to be.

  8. When our city's health department started giving out Monkey Pox vaccine, one of the requirements was 10 OR MORE sex partners in the past 90 days. Enough said.

  9. The tipping point was when it started to show up in children and the obvious questions of how kids were getting something transmitted in the way MP was known to be transmitted were about to be asked.

  10. It was mostly based through male anal sex, it’s an sti not a pandemic, they want to see how dumb people are

  11. They tried selling it as something that everyone could get through sexual activity, but whispered truths about who it really affected meant no one was buying it. And think of this: if there were no scary, grainy cell phone clips being distributed by the media in the earliest of days of the pandemic, of people falling over in the streets in China, people getting dragged away in China, and people getting boarded up in their own apartments in China, Would everyone have bought into it so easily?

  12. Speaking liberal-ese requires a lot of unnecessary words and phrases to hide your racism, bigotry and utter disdain of anyone not like you while seeming to deeply care for and admire them.

  13. It's always kicking around and maybe some century it'll be the virus that makes the jump to a pandemic but not this century.

  14. I think part of the reasons it went away it that there was a readily available scientifically tested and proven vaccine that stops you from getting it. Not the covid type vaccine but a REAL one that works and most gay men out of fear ended up getting it. So the infection rates slow down and stopped all together.

  15. They realize the majority of the people are now bored with the constant scare tactics of the media and gave up. They couldnt milk it for money, even covid is barely discussed because now its all about the war and NWO and UN and chrislam. The people arent scared and now they are crying peace peace when there is no peace. False sense of security for the calamity thats coming. But its all written.

  16. It’s affected demographic made it too easy to say disparaging things regarding that demographics behavior and well they can’t have that happening.

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