They cured me alright

  1. I was really hoping it was going to be good. Just so disappointed. I actually feel asleep watching the third episode. I could watch the three movie marathon for the umpteenth time and barely wink but the series is a disaster.

  2. I really hope that how bad RoP is and how much media gaslighting and dishonesty are going into defending it will wake people up to how fabricated their reality is. Maybe the next time they release a movie/show that is godawful, with writing that would embarrass a freshman English major, that is filled with intersectional politics designed to pander to whatever virtue signals are currently spewn all over Twitter so the soulless corporate cash grab can get as much of that ESG money as possible, maybe people won't fall for the "you have to be an 'istaphobe to not like it" or "it's being targeted by Russian bots/review bombs" bullshit.

  3. I would say that I hope so too, but it's already obvious that none of that matters. Look at the crap Disney/Marvel are still spewing out and I just realized last night that something like The Conners is still going on despite them "killing" off Roseanne. This crap will stay on the air and they still make money regardless.

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