It's ALWAYS been a con

  1. They've openly stated that money that goes to Black Lives Matter goes straight to their demonstration efforts, not to actually help black people. All you buy when you give them money is more protests, better loudspeakers and transportation to those protests. It's literally an industry for guilty whites to give money to the very select group of black people that want to professionally complain about how bad they have it so they can continue to profess even more loudly how bad they have it while doing absolutely nothing to lift a finger for their people. Professional virtue signalers paid for by white guilt to make them feel more guilty for being white. It couldn't be more religious if they started wearing pope hats.

  2. if i wanted to start a marxist direct action protest group to make money, the kind that would be famous for its extreme hatred of whites, general violence and damage to property, the first thing i would do is name it something like "black lives matter" because that way, anyone who criticized it could be then labeled a "rayciss". I would know I could depend on plenty of donations from idiotic bleeding heart white liberal people, especially women. especially school-teachers.

  3. It was that or paint lambs blood above the door. The rioters passed over the house so I guess it worked.

  4. You're misunderstanding what BLM stands for. The black lives that matter are referring to the founders who get to spend the money on mansions for themselves 🤔

  5. Instead, they’ve provided 6 housing(s) for 1 black family that I can think of off the top of my head. I wonder how many more there are… 🤔

  6. Anyone who doesn't realize they are a tool of the Democratic party to cause social destabilization before elections should just look at all the BLM riots since Biden's been elected.

  7. BLM is a shifty hustle with racist roots. Black American Patriots steer clear from that nonsense💯. We need to be Free Together. All of US.

  8. I still don’t get why people have the donation link in their bios still. Are they trying to get other people scammed? I knew it was a scam all along. The only thing they did was make it worse for black communities by burning everything down.

  9. The money was given to ActBLue, not BLM. And in the fine print of ActBlue it says that they can "redistribute" your donation if it's not used within 60 days. And, yeah, ActBlue's main expenditures are on Democrat election campaigns.

  10. The leadership did buy themselves a few nice houses in non-black areas though. So they got that going which is nice.

  11. It’s far worse. They have endorse the destruction of the very communities they pretend to endorse along the way. All for personal wealth. Ghouls.

  12. It’s far worse they have endorsed the destruction of the very communities they pretend to protect all for personal wealth. Terrorist Ghouls.

  13. The best numbers I was able to find say they were given about $90 million. as far as I can tell they have given zero to help Black people aside from themselves

  14. A conversation about corruption and malfeasance and how people who feel irrational racial guilt for something they never did will BLINDLY or in the face of OVERWHELMING evidence, support organizations that allow them to feel that they are 'doing something!!!' to address racial or social issues but that either actually do absolutely nothing or actually make matter worse

  15. I think they set race relations and black progress back 50 years with that conversation. They pushed to defund the police and crime has skyrocketed. An estimated 1000-6000 additional homicides in cities where they defunded. They burned their own communities to the tune of $2 billion (and that's just what insurance is willing to cover) and they didn't do a single thing to support struggling black people. They just gave criminals more freedom to victimize other predominately black people. That's one hell of a conversation.

  16. And by "starting a conversation," they've been directly responsible for a decrease in race relations, uptick in violent crime, and created a lack of accountability for hardened criminals.

  17. There was never any conversation. Anyone that did not follow in lock step got expelled like a plague rat. Here is a well written article by someone who dared question the facts:

  18. Keep in mind that Trump stood on a stage with Jessie Jackson and received an award for the work he did with helping the African-American community. I’m reasonably certain, he’s done more to help black people than BLM.

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