New Jersey Racism in the Legislature

  1. It is shameful, I heard him say it and as a New Jersey resident I'm appalled. Next year is an off year election for New Jersey so alot of the politicans will be up for reelection. I'm gonna remember this and next year I might not be able to vote him(not in my part of the state) out but nothing stopping me from donating to the other guy.

  2. New York invoked a law that banned selling guns to Native Americans to defend its newest concealed carry restriction laws… so yeah, not surprised by NJ either. It’s incredible democrats will turn mega racist if it means banning guns.

  3. For what it's worth, SCOTUS basically requires new laws be supported by citing to old laws, and basically all old laws were racist. You more or less can't have any gun law without citing to historical precedent, and we know what the vast majority of the precedent was geared towards. The only argument is to say "we have a different reason and goal but this type of regulation was previously used (for racist reasons)."

  4. Everything that’s wrong about gun control right there. Total lack of understanding that a) there are regular people of all stripes in those cities who need to be able to protect themselves, and b) the people Olin those cities who have guns now don’t and will never care about the legality of the guns they have, because they’re criminals.

  5. title said he says the quiet part out loud, but i can't think of a single conservative i know who hasn't said the same thing to me before

  6. The new gun law would making compliance prohibitively expensive for many people. Lawmaker's response: "Would anyone really feel safer if those inner-city residents could afford guns? That's not a reason to change the law."

  7. The state judiciary committee had a hearing on a ccw scheme that basically limits carry to your home and the middle of the street with a permitting training and insurance structure that could cost about 1k to start and take substantial amounts of time.. In discussions around that kind of cost and time requirement essentially creating a bar against law abiding people carrying for lower income areas that have higher crime the assembly person chimed in with the OP as his reason to support the bill.

  8. I'm surprised to see the NJGuns sub upset about this, the vibe I get from that sub is super right wing. Maybe because the guy that said is was a dem? Idk

  9. Not all of us on that sub are right-wing. It may skew that way, but there are many of us that want to keep the focus on NJ 2A rights and firearms-related legislation. I try to do that myself. I think OP shouldn’t have cross-posted, because it distracts from the situation at hand, but what’s done is done.

  10. I heard alot of the testimony and more than a few of those testifying mentioned the impact to minorities especially related to low income areas where self defense situations are more likely and that has been a consistent narrative in the other hearings and threads about those hearings. The bill is really messed up and njguns has been pretty consistent dunking on it regardless of who was supporting it (including the police).

  11. Basically they think NJ is a third world communist dictatorship shithole because of gun laws. They're right about the gun laws being awful and wrong about almost literally everything else.

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