Which is the worst LGBTQ show, film or character you've ever experienced?

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  2. idk if this is what you’re looking for but that one asexual couple on House MD where he didn’t believe they could be asexual and he was right. smh that episode was frustrating.

  3. That show also has an absolutely awful depiction of an intersex character whose condition was used to victim blame her for her own father sexually assaulting her. It was awful.

  4. Not lgbtqa+ related but I do have lupus, and have encountered a surprising number of people who flat out tell me I’m either imagining things and not really sick or I was misdiagnosed and need a second opinion (I have six) because lupus isn’t a real thing, all because of that show. I’ve had so many people treat me like I’m stupid for believing those doctors when they literally saved my life.

  5. The other thing that bothers me with Riverdale is EVERY young female character is either coded as bi or lesbian, and even the ones that aren't have kissed other women. This same treatment is not there for the men (as far as I remember), and the queer male characters are consistently side lined/joining cults so it's clearly done in a fetishistic way.

  6. Tbf everyone on that show is mentally disturbed but I see what you mean with the gay characters being moreso.

  7. Every single character on that show is mentally disturbed. The LGBT characters are not unique or singled out in this regard.

  8. Kissing Jessica Stein. Takes the whole movie to realize her attraction to women, but the relationship doesn’t work out. Closes out with her getting back with her male ex. Felt like it presented as “just a phase”

  9. Yes! I hated this film so much, especially d8nce straight people recommend it as a quality lesbian film. Absolutely disgraceful.

  10. Its actually not too bad if you watch it like I used to and shut it off after the happy lesbian move-in musical montage. End Scene, Fin, Movie Over lol.

  11. Not a specific character but a trope. I’m sick of the “main girl” having a sassy gay best friend. The friend is always a stereotype, has no personality beyond being gay and sassy and being a guy who isn’t interested in dating the main girl. I feel like it’s in every show with a teenage girl.

  12. What’s even worse is actually seeing a relationship like that IRL. One of my ex-best friends was a straight girl who was boy crazy, she loved boys, boys loved her, and she had a male gay best friend who’s entire personality was being gay and sassy.

  13. I loved the movie. It was one of the first LGBT movies I had seen, and it was for sure the first one where the main character was trans. I liked the fact that it was based on a true story, which taught me a lot. And I personally really liked how they were able to sort of make it visible to the viewer how one might slowly realise something like being trans.

  14. However controversial people find it to be, it's always going to hold a special place in my heart for getting me started on the path to transitioning. I mimicked the scene where Lilli tucks for the first time, and good lord, the figure staring back at me in the mirror made me feel like a queen

  15. I think it was the first movie I remember with a trans main character, with the exception of "Hedwig and the Angry Inch," and both films focus on both the medical and emotional aspects of transitioning. Honestly, I've only seen "Danish Girl" once and it struck me as a very restrained, nuanced performance by Redmane. (I've seen Hedwig much more, but I love the music a lot, and the spiritual kinship with things like Rocky Horror.)

  16. Say what you want but I adore the story of Lili Elbe. The story of a lone trans woman marching to an uncertain death in the name of hope... it gets me.

  17. I really liked The Danish Girl but I’m not trans so maybe there were aspects that were disingenuous or not well portrayed.

  18. I quite liked it. It was definitely one of the first pieces of cinema I truly felt associated with

  19. Second this one. It was my first time seeing a trans person on screen. I saw myself in that character and she was so sexy. Of course they made her the villain and SA her at the end.

  20. They did a bit better with her in a later episode where Peter is pretending to be trans, resulting in his getting bottom surgery, she gives him a very stern and honest talking to near the end of the episode.

  21. "The Prom". Came for a cute lesbian highschool romance, was deeply annoyed by B-list celebrities getting literally all of the attention in the stupid ass plot.

  22. Yeah, haven’t seen the movie, but I have seen the stage version. That one is way better, and from what I’ve heard, the movie does no favors for promoting the original messaging.

  23. You mean danish girl? I like it a lot it’s actually a true story about one of the first person who had a transition surgery. It has an amazing acting performance as well. I would definitely recommend it.

  24. [ Edit: I had a really bad dyslexic moment and read your comment as “I never saw any movie that is any good” and thought you hadn’t seen any good queer movies. Leaving it up so everyone can laugh at me and maybe someone can find a new movie to watch. ]

  25. The two ace characters in that one episode of House MD, where it turned out one of them just had a brain tumour stopping him from feeling sexual attraction, and the other was lying. I am quite confident that that episode kickstarted a lot of the common aphobic arguments you still see today.

  26. I think the show creator later said he regretted doing the episode, and "updated" the subject in his new show, The Good Doctor

  27. I love House MD to death, literally one of my favorites. That said it is terrible with LGBT representation in general.

  28. There was also an episode with a girl that turned out to have testes and that she still felt like she was a girl even with it, but House kept saying how she's a boy

  29. Also the episode when they find out that a sick patient is bi and had male partner in the past, and they spend the entire episode bullying him about it

  30. Voltron. I watched and witnessed that whole train wreck. Creators tease same sex couple, kills one of them, face backlash, try to blame DreamWorks for it, ignore the fact that they teased it multiple times on their Twitter about representation and then have one of the MC’s marry a nobody in a five second scene with no talking to try and make up for it.

  31. Duckbutter. Lemme paint a picture here. I was 14 and had recently accepted that I was a lesbian, also totally closeted. I started watching lesbian movies on Netflix to understand this part of my identity better since I knew 0 gay people irl. Duck butter was one of the first movies It watched. It was… confusing. So the premise is that these two women meet and have sex every hour or something like that. And then for some reason one of them takes a dump in a pan and waves it at the other one? I don’t know. Still have no idea what they were trying to do with that one

  32. I was in the exact same position as you as a kid but Duckbutter was one I skipped cause it seemed boring. Looks like I dodged a bullet.

  33. When I found out why it was titled like that I was so embarrassed, iirc it was related to one of the women receiving oral sex at a young age from a grown man who then stopped because her private parts were full of "duck butter"

  34. Me and my partner watched this in our quest to find good gay films and you summarized it perfectly. We still reference it like two years later because it was so baffling

  35. Didn't exactly crack my egg, but I guess it opened my eyes to a side of being trans I never thought about, which in turn made me question my gender a few year later.

  36. Probably a mild example, but in this past season of Superman & Lois, they decided to let one of the teen girl characters come out as bi. Great, fine. But they decided to do that by writing a storyline where she cheated on her boyfriend with a girl at summer camp, told him about it, and then everyone got upset at him for being upset about it. Like he was supposed to throw her a coming out party instead. It was fucking bizarre. It's like they knew there was a stereotype about bi people being cheaters and decided to go right for it while also trying to somehow spin it positively? Like "diversity win! your girlfriend cheated on you with a girl!".

  37. That’s also how I felt about Friends. Ross’s wife cheats on him, then he’s expected to give her away at her wedding to the person she cheated on him with. Then I see people online giving Ross crap for not being cooler about the situation. Ross’s wife cheated on him. How is he the bad guy in this?

  38. The Danish Girl might not be perfect, but it is to me. It's not what made me realize that I was trans, but watching it for the first time made me truly realize that I was not alone in what I felt, and having my mother watch it with me helped in making her accepting of my transitioning.

  39. I also think it's a little silly because the point of an actor/actress is to play the part of someone they aren't. I recognize it's more nuanced than that, but tbh people being upset by it to me sounds like when white people complain about culture appropriation on behalf of people of color. I think a lot of LGBTQIAA people recognize the challenges presented in making this film, and respect Eddie for taking the role quite seriously. I feel like the loudest voices against it are from people who aren't trans themselves.

  40. Finally some other trans person that shares my views on cis actors playing trans roles. I don't mind as long as the story and character are respectfully portrait. That's literally the only thing I care about. I certainly wouldn't want to play a trans tole if I was an actor. It would just trigger my discomfort immensely.

  41. It's pretty terrible. I forget about that movie until I see the star pop up in something else (she shows up in Wynonna Earp and briefly in Orphan Black)

  42. Ugh omg yes! So male gaze-y. There’s actually another French coming of age lesbian story directed by an actual lesbian called Waterlillies. It’s really good, pretty moody. And released a few years before Blue is The Warmest Color. Still pissed it’s not as widely(or more so) known.

  43. Not too relevant but my friend forgot the title one time and called it “Blue is the Bluest Blue” and now that’s what my friends and I call it. 😂 I agree though about it not being good representation and more of a male gaze movie.

  44. Oh god, I'm having flashbacks to attempting to watch that movie. It was supposed to be a big deal at the time when it came out, so when it dropped on Netflix, I gave it a go. Once I got bored out of my skull, I kept skipping ahead to different points to see if anything piqued my interest. Just back and forth between silent awkward eating scenes and deeply uncomfortable sex scenes that seemed completely unlikely for someone just discovering their sexuality and also clearly all filmed together in one go from a very voyeuristic point of view.

  45. Any time Disney makes an attempt it's usually used as a shallow marketing tactic. Josh Gad as LeFou is the worst.

  46. I was pleasantly surprised when watching Under Wraps 2 with my nephew last week. One character's dad is getting married to his boyfriend and it's part of the main plot (lost rings, mummy at the engagement party, etc) and they actually showed the kiss at the wedding. Granted, it's a Disney Channel movie, but it was neat to see.

  47. Disney has a long history of queer coding villains and characters, but le fou wasn't gay... At least openly or outwardly.

  48. It amazes me how they can do shit like that, then turn around and have Lightyear which to me is one of the single best representations of a non-hetero relationship I've ever seen. In not being an intentional message, it becomes a message stronger and more groundbreaking than something like the LeFou shit.

  49. And then they go and make an extremely gay movie with Luca but refuse to acknowledge it so they don't upset the Chinese markets and suburban moms

  50. oh god i hate dhar mann's videos, every character is a stereotype/trope. he potrays the world in a black or white way with no nuance.

  51. i know we weren’t directly promised gender fluidity, but mcu loki. i felt queerbaited in the worst way. marvel loki has always been genderfluid, we saw on loki’s id that his sex was “fluid”, and their way of tackling that was making a single female loki which all the other lokis were SHOCKED to see and then making her get with male loki?? i had such high hopes given that loki in both norse mythology AND marvel comics is genderfluid but… of course they had to fuck it up. and i was really looking forward to lady loki. that’s not what genderfluidity is. i was so let down.

  52. I actually liked them getting together because I feel like the only person who would ever be good enough for Loki is Loki, but the fact that they teased they’re not cis, they’re not straight and then paired the main one who’s always male with the one who’s always female did feel like a major cop-out.

  53. Both that show and the movies are an insult, from queer baiting to ignoring the religious roots (including how violent the Aesir are and the fact that dark elves are dwarves). I don’t even want to read the comics at this point

  54. I just wanna mentioned that days after i realised i was trans, my supportive girlfriend and I watched the danish girl and it meant a lot to me. It legitimised my feelings in a way that made it a lot easier to accept who i was.

  55. I remember crying after I saw I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry. I was a teen and queer and just got made fun of my comedians I liked for 2 hours… it fucking sucked.

  56. Most homosexual anime. The "romance" always starts with one character sexually assaulting the other. It's a really unhealthy conception sometimes held by homosexual people in real life where they think being attracted to someone of the same gender means they can get away with inappropriate behavior.

  57. Try Given. I’ve heard Bloom Into You is good, too. And though there’s not much romance, Jojo has some impeccably written LGBT characters that still hold up today despite the manga starting in the mid-80s.

  58. Hooo boy, as someone who (regretably) used to read a lot of Yaoi manga (which are even worse than their anime counterparts) I can assure that about 90% of them have some sort of sexual assault or otherwise not okay behaviour in them and worst of all is, it also gets romanticised to the max. Yuri luckily isn't as bad though but a lot of them play in a highschool setting which personally is a bit boring to me and still has bad apples as well but it's nowhere close as bad as it is with the yaoi genre

  59. Honestly, In and Out wasn't 'the worst' in fact I sort of liked it at parts, but there was so much stuff about that movie that just felt so out of touch and offbeat that I genuinely felt embarrassed for the people in the movie.

  60. Bohemian Rhapsody’s treatment of Freddie Mercury. They made him out to be the bad guy once he came out as gay (ignoring that he identified as bi entirely) - he started doing drugs, partying, being self centered, ruining the band, etc. all after breaking up with Mary. As if the whole band didn’t do drugs, party, and cheat since the 60s. Like Brian May wrote literal famous songs (i.e. Fat Bottomed Girls) about the women he cheated on his wife with, but that’s never addressed in the movie. Roger Taylor always hosted the straight parties when touring and they were so raunchy his room was called Pussy Palace or something. Also not mentioned in the movie. Those two are portrayed as choir boys. Only Freddie is shown as the crazy rocker who loses sight of his morals, but again not until he comes out. He only gets “redeemed” when he commits to a monogamous relationship again. The whole film was just so offensive, homophobic while pretending not to be, and not accurate at all. No one was more committed to that band than Freddie. He literally oversaw every detail from the album cover designs to the sound mixing to the songs performed on tour to the freaking name of the band. But again, the movie didn’t show any of that either. He was just a partying sex obsessed drug addict who ruined the band with all his non-monogamous gay antics according to the film.

  61. oh yeah Borhap is a mess, as a Queen fan it really bugged me how they portrayed Fred, also the timeline is all over the place (Rock in Rio occurring in 1977, We Will Rock You being released in 1980 or the Works Tour not existing at all)

  62. Thank you for writing this, it unearthed all the discontent I felt at that movie and how alone I felt in feeling this way

  63. May and Taylor had too much control over the movie’s production and the plot. Which is the main reason Sasha Baron Cohen exited early and never looked back. He would make a good Mercury, but he couldn’t get on board with where May and Taylor wanted to take the film.

  64. Absolutely, this sums up my feelings about it. Long time Queen fan, but the minute I heard Sacha Baron Cohen walked away from it, I knew I wasn't going to watch it. I've caught clips here and there. I would have loved to see him in the role. Heard he wanted to play it raw and as things really were, but May and Taylor went the fairytale route, and wanted half the film to be about them carrying on after him? (Not sure about that last part)

  65. Going to go with a weird pull, from a less popular predecessor to Skyrim, and go with Morrowind, which has a number of characters who are queer coded, and usually not in a positive light. Of particular note is Crassius Curio, who just straight up sexually harassed people. Ew.

  66. Leeron from Gurren Laggan. One of his main characteristics is that he threatens to hurt or “touch” two of the younger kids in the group whenever they annoy him. which is often.

  67. Blue is the warmest color is the worst “lgbt” movie to me. I rather watch room in Rome. To me it was just a long porn movie. Just the way the main character really just all about sex made me uncomfortable. Being unsure on what sexuality is watching it at my preteen was just to much even if it was on every lgbt movie YouTuber top ten to watch.

  68. I feel like the repeated trope of the flamboyant African American male "friend" from 80's comedies is fairly reductive. I'm thinking of movies like "Mannequin" and cheesy ones, like "Tammy and the T Rex."

  69. And to this day, every single cast member and writer are just really weird about it when they get asked about it at cons or in interviews. Misha is ok about it, but even he has intimated that the network/studio is very unhappy that he speaks about it or whatever. And if you ask anyone else about it they try to brush it off like he was merely talking about his friendship for Dean. Yeah, that whole thing is all kinds of messed up.

  70. I can't remember what it's called but there's a Christmas movie about a lesbian couple. One invites the other two her rich family's Christmas celebration, but she's not out yet, and that's the entire plot. Partner a being untruthful about being out, and indecisive about coming out (meaning she didn't stand her ground for not coming out) and partner b being mad and grump and just begging the other to come out. Plus a token gay male friend. :/

  71. Oh yeah, I spent the whole movie rooting for Kirsten Stewart to dump her shitty girlfriend and hook up with Audrey Plaza instead.

  72. Oh man. Was it 'Happiest Season'? I watched it around Christmastime last year, hoping for a laid-back LGBT Christmas feel-good movie. Instead I was just pissed at the end of it for how absolutely horrible they were for and to each other. They are practically poster children for how to have the shittiest relationship, but it was arranged in a way where it felt like it was supposed to be a happy ending.

  73. the first thing that came to my mind was also this movie! it was incredibly infuriating to watch stewart’s VERY lovely character get treated like garbage throughout the whole movie :< somehow it received a lot of praise from queer people tho and i honestly don’t get why or how

  74. The 2015 Stonewall movie was awful. It was directed by a white cis gay man who has absolutely zero understanding of queer history and no respect for the trans women of color who made Stonewall happen. Marsha P. Johnson is the only one mentioned and she's barely in it. Instead we get a boring white cis gay man character who never even existed in real life throwing the first brick. Every character is either a pitiful victim or a sexual predator. I can't believe a queer person would make a movie that shits so much on queer people and our history.

  75. Looked it up because I wasn't sure but yeah, Roland Emmerich directed that. The disaster film guy who did Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, 2012, and most recently, Moonfall. The characters in all his movies are known to be walking stereotypes. Not the best person to get to direct any historical film, let alone one based on an event that holds significance for the LGBT community.

  76. I mean I do think it’s best have a fictional character throw the first brick sense we don’t know who actually did it Marsha said she didn’t throw the first

  77. Danny from Dreadnaught was a pretty bad trans character. There is just nothing to her character besides being a trans woman.

  78. i watched this movie called GBF when i was younger. i don’t remember what i thought abt it first but now i think it’s just bad bad bad.

  79. it’s more so a trope in queer media i can’t stand but it’s the bullies —> lovers trope. i absolutely can’t stand it. first couple that comes to my head is eric and adam from sex education. i think seeing them get together absolutely ruined the show for me

  80. Yeah for a show that seemed to have gotten a lot of other things right they really played into some lazy stereotypes with Eric and Adam.

  81. There’s a difference between enemies to lovers and bullies to lovers, and unfortunately most people mix them up. One of the works if you do it well, the other can work under very specific circumstances.

  82. I love Glee, but Blaine and Karofsky together was awful. He was so horrible to Kurt for so long, for Blaine to just ignore all that.

  83. Max on The L Word was extremely damaging to me as a young trans guy who didn’t want to be trans because I thought I’d be like him.

  84. Plus his binding method was hella dangerous and I’m lucky I only followed his example for a short period and didn’t cause any damage. People have seriously injured themselves doing that.

  85. I didn’t like the name until I realized it was supposed to be read out as “they slash them”, and now it’s gotta be one of my favourite movie titles (I’ve got a thing for bad puns lol)

  86. Merlí, a Spanish series about a philosophy teacher, has an episode dedicated to a trans women teacher and advocates against transphobia

  87. Blue is the Warmest Color. I was gifted the book when I was at high school and I immediately resonated with the characters and their struggles.

  88. Girl, a cis boy portraying a trans girl , the end is centered around her cutting her penis herself (in a accepting family in Occidental society) like wtf and it's way too centered around her body

  89. I’m old so… Star Trek DS9. In the mirror universe where all the characters essentially have evil twins, the evil twins have queer tendencies. Because being queer is inherently kinky and evil people are kinky, or something.

  90. Not that bad but films/ shows like loki where they say he's bi so they can shove him with a women. In my opinion the whole relationship with sylvie completely comes out of nowhere and they don't work together at all.

  91. I was hoping so badly those two would become a Team Rocket kinda duo but noooo, they had to selfcest them for no actual reason. I was watching the show with my gf and we both were rooting for these 2 to not get together and in the end even hoped for Sylvie to die (she isn't a bad character, we just hated the thought of them together so much)

  92. I was hoping someone would say this. I wish they hadn't made them into a romance just because of the heteronormative "boy+girl=kiss" mentality and think they could get away with it by throwing a line about him being bi/pan over it. They had no chemistry and it destroyed his entire character arc. Would have been better off without romance at all, or a well-developed slow burn instead. I saw a lot of people on Tumblr saying he had interesting potential with Mobius, and I don't disagree. It's all a matter of development and writing it so it doesn't seem hasty or cheap, like grabbing at loose ends to fill the 30-minute episode window.

  93. The L-Word. The bisexual character was written so annoying everyone around me hated her and representation during that time was bad enough. The only other bisexual female I saw on screen was an abuser of pills and alcohol. 😭 On the other hand the lesbians weren’t much better either. Superficial and selfish in most cases, I only kept watching it because I found some of them hot.

  94. The range of representation was unparalleled in mainstream media, but the actual representation was poor on average.

  95. Probably one of my favorite LGBT depictions in television history was Steven Universe. Just the existence of Garnet is 2 gems fused together because they love each other and it's so wholesome

  96. Jenny's Wedding. Just two obviously straight women with no chemistry at all playing a lesbian couple planning their wedding.

  97. Loving Annabelle. I can’t quite remember it since I watched it so long ago, but the whole teacher/student trope has always been an ick for me. it felt like it was fetishising lesbians too.

  98. Sex and the City had an episode with bisexuality that concluded with bisexuality being a trend that the main character was too good for. I watched it as a kid and it made me feel horrible. Actually most of sex and the city is insanely outdated boomer garbage.

  99. I absolutely hated how Gotham treated their LGBT+ characters. They always over-sexualized the wlw characters and relationships (especially Barbara) and then they tried to erase the one mlm relationship. Also, with the exception of one character, all of the lgbt+ characters were villains.

  100. I hated how the show Friends acted like every LGBTQ person was a spectacle. I hate that show in general but that’s just the icing on the cake.

  101. As much as I agree that the danish girl is not perfect representation it was one of my first exposures to the life of a trans woman and transitioning. I remember watching this movie in my bedroom as a sacred closet kid who felt so alone like I was the only person to ever feel the way I did. I was in highschool when this movie came out and I waited until 1 am so I was sure everyone in my house was asleep and that I could get rid of any evidence that I watched it before they woke up. I remember feeling seen for the first time in my life like someone out there somewhere understood me. It took me years to transition after this movie but when the dysphoria became to much to handle I would watch this movie late at night just to feel seen before going back to pretending to be a boy.

  102. I did not watch it but i saw the book was getting a movie back in 2016 (apperently movie came out in 2019), Adam. It is about a cis men lying about being a trans man to be in a relationship with a lesbian girl who was saying she does not like penis. Main character guy was also watches her lesbian sister having sex with a woman i think

  103. I kind of hated what they did with Max, the trans man, on the L word. Jenny misgendering him isn’t surprising, but how the show portrayed him is the issue imo.

  104. There’s this Dutch show called ‘Celblok H’, with a Character named ‘Maxime’. It’s about a female prison and they decided to add a trans women to the series. They literally got a man to cast the role, who in the series wears a wig, which is literally shown since there’s an episode where she takes the wig off and has short hair underneath. Besides that she has already had SRS and been on hormones several years, since there’s also an episode where she’s shown having a vagina and breasts. It was just a shock to see, since they didn’t just decide to cast an actual transwoman for this, but also a man who wears a wig. Any trans women would have already grown her hair out (since she wasn’t balding) instead of wearing a wig if she has had SRS!

  105. I'm a trans man who grew up in an extremely religious home. I was homeschooled through high school, and then my parents moved to an acreage where our only internet access was about an hour every night on my dad's phone's hot-spot. Prior to this, I'd had ample internet access and it was how I figured myself out.

  106. I have a lot of mixed feelings about the portrayal of trans people in films like “The Danish Girl”. Start by saying that I absolutely believe that trans characters should be played by trans actors (obviously); but the “The Danish Girl” -among others stories- have a trans person in the beginning (sometimes before) their transition, and I as a trans man wouldn’t feel comfortable playing someone who is perceived as a woman, but I’m not an actor so I don’t know how someone advanced in their transition would feel about playing a character that most of a film is presenting as their assign gender. Not everyone is as lucky as Laverne Cox in “Orange is the New Black” were they got her twin brother to play her character pre-transition.

  107. My friend showed me Crush as a "really good queer coming of age movie" but it was just badly written. Maybe cool for a young teenager but the way they did the whole "grand romantic gesture" trope made me super uncomfy. Just put the love interest on the spot and pressured her into a kiss in front of the entire school, and if I recall she wasn't even out to everybody before then.

  108. Puri Puri Prisoner is (I think) the only openly gay character in One Punch Man. He is in prison for sexually assaulting men. So that's not great

  109. The original Queer As Folk wasn’t the WORST, but the characters were so one dimensional. It felt like a show populated by sequel characters. Like, you know when you’re watching a movie sequel and there are newer characters introduced but they don’t just quite move you or “work right” like the original cast? The whole show felt like that.

  110. that one series about drag girls, except they are a stereotype..they literally sa'd a robber in the first ep. Safe to say i didnt watch it anymore.

  111. There's a Spanish movie called "Elisa y Marcela" (Elisa and Marcela) from 2019, and it basically tells the story about two lesbian women in the early 20th century in Spain. Somehow most part of the movie ends up being a porn lesbian movie (funny how it's actually directed by a woman).

  112. I remember there was a scene in The Hangover Part II where on the main characters makes out with a woman only to later reveal that the woman is trans and they responded with the typical being trapped cliché that plages trans representation in media.

  113. I really liked danish girl for what it was: a Hollywood portrayal of the trans experience pandering to a cis audience. Redmane isn’t trans (as far as we know) but he approached the role with a lot of respect and is undoubtedly a good actor.

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