Who is your favorite LGBTQ villain or antagonist of all time?

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  2. It's probably Catra for me. Specifically from the new series. She's a hell of a villain, but she's also easy to empathise with. And she makes just so many terrible mistakes that I just felt bad for her.

  3. Her motivations felt real. I've been in her shoes. I didn't attempt genocide, but that's just a matter of degrees. I've absolutely hurt people who didn't have it coming and tried to drive people away because being alone was the more tolerable option of the moment. And I've also hit those points where I've gone too far for even a fool's hope that I could be forgiven, and when people tried, I'd do my best to ensure they regretted it because I didn't think I deserved to be forgiven.

  4. yes. this. was just scrolling through the comment section to see if i knew anyone. and this is just the gold i didn't know i was looking for

  5. What? Of course. They are a part of the queer community, which includes any sexual and gender identity that is neither straight or cis. So they would count.

  6. Clay Puppington from "Moral Orel". He is the bisexual father of our main protagonist, Orel. Also, one of the best adult animated shows ever and a great critique of religious fundementalism.

  7. Tilda from horizon forbidden west. The fact she’s gay and added to the fact that multiple gay characters exist and are referred to casually makes her feel so much more sinister somehow. It’s a beautiful game and she’s a well done villain

  8. GLaDOS (although headcanon, her romantic interests in the main character Chell is repeatedly hinted at through jealous comments and is confirmed in an interview to be intended by the writers)

  9. Knockout, from Transformers: Prime. A fun, gay, and deceptively charming Decepticon fit that show so well.

  10. is the picture included (clay) counted? because i agree with a lot of the posts but clay to me was a closeted gay man with political power that caused suffering. he, to me, is one of the most complex and well developed lgbtq antagonists.

  11. He is not gay or at the very least, there is no evidence that he definitely is not attracted for women. He is bisexual. He has been shown to be trying to flirt with women and be into them while drunk and has even been shown to have sex with sex workers in one episode, which even if you tried to argue is to pretend to be straight, cheating and doing it with a sex worker would be sinful and the only reason he would do it is because he feels lust to do it even if it goes against his religion. But just like many conservatives and religious fundamentalists, he really hates women and he feels that women all exist to manipulate him with their sexual nature and will destroy your life. His kind of hatred is less about being not into women but more about not being able to control his urges that make him feel that he is being manipulated into acting and feeling the way he does.

  12. Clay is the worst but the writing for him is so realistic and good, I can't help but love him as a villain character but not as a person

  13. Either Scar from Lion King, Ursula from The Little Mermaid, or Kieran Valentine from Monster High: Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?

  14. Olivia from Ryan O'Connell's Special (Netflix). Similar to Ava from Abbott Elementary though maybe a bit less sympathetic but she sure has some one-liners and I loved her in the last episode.

  15. The images used is a great example. His name is clay from the show Moral Orel. Clay is either gay or bi. He's been repressing those feelings his entire life because he's extremely religious. He cheats on his wife and mistreats his son and neglects his younger son.

  16. Not exactly the prompt, but Queer-Coded Villians were huge back in the days of the Hays Code. Overly Sarcastic Productions has a great video on it if you’re curious.

  17. I like Aaravos... is it confirmed? I don't think so... I haven't read the comics but he definitely gives off vibes of someone who is not straight lol

  18. Uncle Raven and Han Mi aren't technically villains, but I will stand by all things Shaperaverse.

  19. Dio Brando, he’s not confirmed to be bi but it’s heavily suggested towards and he’s my favourite villain in any piece of fiction anyway lmao

  20. I'm sorry but Vader was straight but if there are any moments you can point to him not being Straight the please do tell :)

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