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  2. It's not awful here. Support and acceptance is slowly becoming stronger. I'll still be careful who I'm out to here but at least I've met many non lgbtq who don't debate my existence or harrass me, and have shown a willingness to accept despite not understanding some parts of it

  3. That’s really common in a lot of states. Central California is ridiculously conservative and redneck. Lived in NM for 20years. ABQ and Santa Fe are liberal but the rest of NM is not. Most states have liberal areas. I would look more at state laws and policies.

  4. Keep in mind, states are big places. If you feel unsafe in your city, look at other cities. NY is #3 on the list I see below (that's my state) and I'm in a pretty safe city. But if I go outside the walls of my county, I could be in some pretty dangerous territory. Definitely keep that in mind.

  5. Upstate NY is a good example of Republican County Hell. It's easily the worst place I've ever lived. Rochester, Albany, Buffalo however, are super progressive and wicked accepting.

  6. I know what you’re saying but I think with the current Supreme Court, plus many southern states that would love to actively harm our populations, it’s a good idea for some to look into leaving. Some states will have way more protections if the Supreme Court decides to repeal gay marriage, etc. Not saying it’s a sure thing, and I know our populations have lived through times without laws and protections before but for some people it’s a dealbreaker to live in a state that wouldn’t protect their basic rights. I’ve been living in the south all my life and right now it doesn’t look good for us politically/rights wise.

  7. I’ll echo this. I live in Arizona, it’s not exactly known for being the most progressive or open minded state. But Phoenix has a huge LGBTQ+ community and tons of resources to tap into.

  8. Yes! Even here in California, land of the left wingers, there are some very conservative areas. The bay area is good, and Sacramento's not bad either, but just a short drive into Placerville, Auburn, Galt, etc. and you're out in the sticks where it's total Trumpsville. It's still probably not as bad as rural areas in other states, but cities matter more than states when it comes to feeling safe.

  9. I agree. I also live in South Carolina but I live in olanta and even though theirs a church on what feels like every block and a lot of people are christian or catholic I’m yet to of had anyone be homophobic towards me and the school I go to (which is outside of olanta) hardly has anyone who’s homophobic and has a good amount of lgbt students and some of the teachers even have pride colors on their doors. Even though I’m the outside people would probably assume it’s very homophobic it’s not. Yes their is some homophobia but not no where near as much as other places. This is just me though but as far as I know, the people I know are pretty accepting.

  10. This is true. Florida is probably one of the worst states for LGBTQ rights on a legal level, but the University of Central Florida is one of the best universities for LGBTQ students, and Orlando itself is quite progressive on average. There's a lot of factors to consider.

  11. Yup. I live in California, which is the first state most people think of when they think "LGBTQ-friendly." But I live in RURAL California, where the public shops are waving Trump 2024 flags and blue lives matter propaganda, and angry men with big trucks have Confederate flag tattoos. So it really depends on what area in each state you're looking at.

  12. Don’t look at states look at counties. For states, literally look if they’re red or blue. For example, most places in Utah are homophobic. However, Salt Lake City is one of the gayest cities around. But if you’re trans, don’t move to Utah. It’s getting bad there. Denver would be a better choice in this area.

  13. You’re lucky. My state is 1 out of like 6 or 7 that still don’t allow an X gender marker on your license for nonbinary people. I’ve been denied medically necessary surgery because they twisted it to count as ‘gender affirming care’ so they could deny it without even asking me for documentation. It’s rough here.

  14. I’m also looking! What state?! I’m looking at the northeast in general. NY or CT. For others looking I did find this resource to be valuable:

  15. As other have said check your areas closely and look at a county voting map. I'm in NY but in the rural north and it's REALLY red Trump homophobic country. Cities like Rochester and Ithaca are really cool and accepting though so just be careful.

  16. i always thought the same about my state until I looked into it, I live in North Dakota, statistically the 4th worse state for lgbt inclusion, (based on a few different google searches) we also have the lowest lgbt population in the entire country, at least in my home town we have anti discrimination laws that include sexual orientation, but that is only on 3 cities across the entire state, we don’t have any laws that specifically outlaw lgbt people but we don’t have any laws that specifically protect us either, still, it’s better than quite a few states,

  17. I'm in ND too! I wasn't surprised here being the 4th worst, but yeah, my experience is that things have been pretty neutral all in all.

  18. I live in VA, and it’s not the greatest state, but it’s not the worst by far. Our Republican governor has so far kept everything more or less the same. No added protections, but no restrictions either

  19. I'm not american, but my personal experience from travelling a lot is to check out the destination queer community and ask them about the area. there are a lot of places, that have a very rich queer scene, but it's centralized in certain areas of the city and if you just go into the city expecting it's all rainbows and unicorns, you'll just land in some homophobic neighborhood by accident.

  20. I'm Texan and my town doesn't give two shits about orientation or gender. Hell, the local college even has a policy that people have to respect each other's pronouns.

  21. Same thought process - accept I’m in one of the worst states for lgbt states so heading northeast soon :)

  22. Don’t use google. They take in laws not actual treatment. Michigan is considered split state but as of late they’ve been rather conservative Christian and it’s a bit worrisome

  23. Yep. It’s very concerning here. I’m both glad and sad I don’t have a boyfriend. Sad because I’m lonely, but also glad because we would attract a lot of negative attention.

  24. Oregon is where I'm at. Or washington depending on the weekend. Still depends where in the state you are it seems. Sad panda

  25. Yeah the only reason my state (Nevada) is #1 in LGBT rights is because of Las Vegas and the Reno-Sparks area. Like if it weren’t for those two spots it would be a red state lol. Lucky for my girlfriend and I we live in one of those cities.

  26. The Town I'm in right now for college is the most accepting place I've ever been. Everyone's super nice and doesn't give two shits about anyone's orientation or gender. And this town is in Texas!

  27. Idaho is terrible for anyone part of the community.....but at least people dont really say anything its just dirty looks and you can obviously tell they are judging and looking down on you.

  28. Turns out, most of the states aren't really all that protective by themselves, and the rights we've all grown up understanding to exist rely almost exclusively on an unenumerated Constitutional right to "privacy". The ninth amendment apparently not meaning what it clearly says in the text and all, we've got some serious work to do.

  29. This is what I want. Not just to feel accepted but comfortable. I currently reside in Maryland. It’s not a state I really want to be in because of a few circumstances. Is there any lgbt friendly places here?

  30. My trans wife and I live near seattle. From what she's told me, this is one of the safest places for her in the country. Add in that we're both women, its just generally better if we stay in this horribly expensive place.

  31. To be fair it’s similar here in the UK, my county (Hampshire) as a whole isn’t the best in terms of acceptance, but if I enter Southampton, it’s very accepting, similar story for Winchester and apparently Totton, but Portsmouth, Andover and Eastleigh are often considered to be less accepting

  32. What I've learnt from this comment section is that almost, if not, no state can't even agree on political views.

  33. I'd like to retire to a liberal state. My circumstance is different. I'm post everything fifty years. I've lived stealth most of my life. It be nice living somewhere liberal about sex/gender so I could openly tell medical professionals in trans without them not understanding.

  34. You folks are stuck in Gilead from the Handmaid’s Tale. Please come to Toronto, Vancouver, or Montreal. I’ve lived in Toronto as a student and currently live in Vancouver. Having also attended grad school in Berkeley and being surrounded by the Bay Area, I can guarantee I have never been to a city in the US that is even remotely the same as the above mentioned Canadian cities.

  35. i think i’m in the #1 but i was recently denied hrt bc im not binary trans so apparently procedures like doing e but not blocking t are too dangerous

  36. And that's which one? I've been trying to find it since forever and I can't find any informations. Please, someone tell me which are those safest countries. 🙏

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