🏵️Maybe having friends was a mistake🏵️

  1. I don't know if you want advice or not, but maybe asking them to have a separate chat to talk about that stuff could help?

  2. One possibility is they thought you meant to not talk about it while you are actually there online and they may not expect you to read theough the rest or something. Hopefully just some clarification is needed so they realize that stumbling on it is upsetting you. I second the suggestion if adding an nsfw chat for that so the main one is safe to view though either way.

  3. People have the right to like stuff you dont, you cant call their friendship a mistake becquse they have a different view on relationships than you

  4. I mean you can call it a mistake to decide to be part of a group that continuously keeps doing things in front of you / around you / where you will read it that you explicitely asked them not to. OP isn't asking their friends to not have/enjoy sex or hating them for liking it. That's not calling it a mistake because they have different views. It's calling it mistake because people aren't respecting your wishes on the kind of content you want to be presented.

  5. Also, hopefully you'll find friends you are more comfortable with eventually if things don't get better. If you go to griups for specific interests you like you may get less random sex talk and more talk about that hobby.

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