I am able to get these for 5$ each. Which ones should I get?

  1. Make sure to check if the seller ain’t selling the instructions alone. Happens quiet often. Or the build without the figs.

  2. Bought it with buyer protection so basically impossible to get backstabbed. I will update you when I get it 🤞

  3. Maybe, but seems worth it as the seller looks very legit and it isn't too much of a scam if it is a scam. Yolo

  4. Looks like I am getting them all. I bought a 75150 for 50$ and the seller asked me if I wanted these for 5$ each. It may seem to good to be true but the account is very legit so I think I'll just go for it then lol

  5. Honestly these kinds of posts just feel like bait and it’s kinda annoying.. like bro you just understand how old and expensive those sets are now. No shit $5 is a steal for each

  6. Haven't been collecting for long so didn't know if it was worth a lot more or not (knew it was atleast worth more than 20$ tho). I only asked which one you would pick, so no need to get butthurt

  7. Those are instruction manuals good sir. I'm afraid you are paying 5 dollars for something you could download in PDF form for free

  8. Why is this a question ughhh like I am not even going to look at the comments because every single answer is and should be all, like dude its $20 just buy em all you don't need the permission from some random people on the internet

  9. I bought another lego set and they also wanted to sell these and they offered me them for 5$ each. I got them off Finn.no

  10. For $5 each the correct answer will always be all of them. If you can only do one, I’ll take the seller’s info :P

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