Just bought the new office set….AGHHHHHH

  1. Man I just finished Ninjago City Gardens the other day and swore off stickers for the rest of my life, guess I'm taking that back.

  2. Ditto on that! I’ve been working on the Ninjago gardens and there’s 3 whole sheet of stickers.🙄🙄🙄

  3. After being on this subreddit for a while, I'm starting to think I'm the only AFOL who doesn't have any issues with stickers or sticker placement.

  4. I have no issues applying them. Their longevity though is bad. I had the green cargo track from around 11 years ago and the stickers are cracked and peeled.

  5. I used to hate the stickers but once I found out about using the brick separator to help place them, I don’t mind them as much. That said, any round sticker should be a print.

  6. As an AFOL, I'm beginning to think Lego is the only adult oriented modelling hobby where the baseline sticker skill is so abysmally low. Y'all would lose your minds if Lego switched to waterside decals.

  7. I think it sucks when it's a pattern that's supposed to line up with other stickers or colors that don't quite match but these aren't that big a deal

  8. I also have no issues with stickers. My very old sets, decades old, the stickers get cracked and peel but I just photoshop new ones and have them printed on special paper and for an untrained eye it’s hard to realize they are not the original stickers.

  9. I have a general dislike for stickers, and have stopped buying some sets if features that should be brick built are replaced with stickers. However with sets the the Office and Seinfeld where the printing is so specific and niche to that IP, I can tolerate stickers. Would still prefer printed pieces though.

  10. They put capes in a little cardboard piece. They need something for the stickers. This happened to my Inquisitor Transport Scythe.

  11. I figure the stickers and mini figs make the set. Otherwise, this is a fairly unimaginative effort. A second floor to the warehouse could have had something a bit more interesting, though I see Lego’s want to keep this to a similar price as other shows they’ve done.

  12. It used to have the accounting department and the 2nd office but the designer had to get rid of that area when submitting it for the final time, otherwise it would’ve been to big to be approved

  13. The real issue is the inventorying of all the different pieces if they were screen printed. Each piece requires a separate inventory position and would waste a lot of warehouse space.

  14. I generally don’t buy sets to make the official model so I prefer this to printed pieces that limit your options.

  15. Who cares? I mean if you bought the set that means you like the office and you probably like all the little references they pack into it. How else are they going to do it? Like everyone is always complaining about prices of sets but if Lego made these all printed pieces, the price would be way higher. Like what are they supposed to do?

  16. Not inflate the price of printed pieces and actually give a damn, especially on the really expensive sets? Compare it to any other alternative brick manufacturer nowadays, the days of lego being supreme in quality are far gone. Brands like Cobi advertise with 'only prints, no stickers' and they do stuff lego hasn't achieved in ages, we're talking prints that go over multiple pieces, lining up perfectly. Even the chinese companys do it better, for a fraction of the cost. The people in this subreddit buy sets for hundrets of dollars where they couldn't bother including some prints. The cost to produce these pieces of plastic is a joke. Most expensive thing would be licenses. They don't even make stuff only in europe or something, which shows up in their sets when they can't even get the colors the same on all pieces. Cobis piece price is a little cheaper, made completely in europe and does everything in prints. Lego has been gouging their fans for years. I'm not here to shit on them, I have plenty of lego and lovef it as a child aswell, but what they do nowadays is a ripoff.

  17. There’s so many stickers, which I hate putting on cause they’re always a tiny bit out of place and it bothers me a lot.

  18. They try to call them “Easter eggs”, would be hard to maintain this price if they were actual prints.

  19. I see a ton of 1 yr old accounts defending stickers so maybe lego has finally gotten smart and joined the disinformation campaign… conspiracies aside they went from Ole making his kid go around town and picking up all the ducks he skipped a layer of paint on to make him complete the model for full quality, to having parts that are supposed to be the EXACT SAME color being different, and way too many stickers. “Only the best profit is good enough”

  20. From what I’ve seen the recent Star Wars sets have had very few printed pieces I’ve just checked bricklink and found 4 new printed pieces from 2021 onward a couple of which are on curved pieces which are necessary

  21. I don't mind regular stickers, because you can remove them if the angles wrong, but the clear stickers are the worst, you have one attempt to line it up or its fog town for you.

  22. It is one of the "displays"/screens for the TV in the conference room swappable with stickers 28 or 36. Someone gets hit in the face with a pizza slice. I haven't watched far enough in the seasons to figure out who it happened to.

  23. They add so many small amazing details that I’m not even that upset about it. It would be too much to custom print every piece, but wouldn’t be the same without the details

  24. I just finished the mercedes f1 set. pro tip: use tweezers or a tool to place stickers and DON’T drink coffee right before….

  25. Damn you all don't bother about stickers? I think it's the worst and Lego still charges crazy amounts for that lack of quality

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