almost a year ago it was just a dream. but I worked all summer and finally bought my dream lego set! I'm 14, so if I can do it, you can!

  1. Yeah looking back you have a ton of money when you're in your teens because you probably have a first job but no fixed expenses.

  2. Yes, I have never had the courage to post a self image on reddit, and someone decided to repost my image without consent.

  3. I would like it to be known that I am the original poster. This is my accomplishment, not yours. It's shameful that you did not change the title to make it evident that it wasn't you who achieved this. If you had, I would have been happy that you were spreading the news of the best accomplishment of my life so far.

  4. Well I make my own money every day not just summer, but still my problem is that the god damn titanic isn’t on stock anymore, just as hard to get as the PS5.

  5. I worked during summer to get the lego titanic and worked for a day and a half and got it and built it. I'm 2 years old so if I can do it, so do you.

  6. Nothing wrong with a young teen working a summer job for some spare cash. He's probably mowing lawns or babysitting or whatever. It's not illegal, lol.

  7. Hello, im the 14 year old. I agree, however It isn't a bad situation for me. I'm employed by my mom who I work alongside with, the job is easy with little human interaction, and obove average pay because of family status.

  8. If only you had half the work ethic of this 14 year old today you would not have to struggle with basic bills. Loser

  9. I would like to save and eventually buy it, only problem is the fact I have zero space. I'll end up breaking it into chunks and storing it in my closet after leaving it in my living room for a week for me and my visitors to gawk at and step over.

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