Who would win in a 1v1? I’m rooting for K 👏 O 👏 R 👏 R 👏 A!

  1. If they’re duking it out at the ages that they’re pictured at then I think Korra would win in a straight fight, she’s had years more training and experience in combat. Each of them in their prime would be evenly matched in or out of the avatar state.

  2. I feel like we can’t say for sure that a fight between them in their primes would be a tie. By the end of TLOK, we know about Korra’s bending prowess as she approaches her prime than Aang’s. She’s got more in her toolbox but we have no clue what was in Aang’s toolbox by 21 (Korra’s EoS age), but we do know that Korra has mastered all 4 elements, spiritbend, metalbend and energybend + has experience as a pro-bender, a style of fighting that likely had no significant contemporary equivalent for Aang. I can’t wait to see adult Gaang soon.

  3. Not to mention his seismic sense which is second only to Toph's. He's gonna be dancing around her landing blows while dodging all of hers

  4. Okay let actually adress something that has bugged me for a while , Aang doesn’t fight Aang run or avoids that his entire character point.

  5. I believe the show refers to that running away tendency as 'Classic Airbender'... Still finishing the Yangchen book though so I could possibly have a different perception of that soon

  6. The creators have even said that Aang ESCAPES 9 times out of 10. The other time he gets wrecked. This is just one of those posts that starts a debate every month or so like 'does Azula deserve a redemption arc' or 'is LoK actually the worst show to have ever been written?' it's all ragebait

  7. At age 12 I think he has much less martial arts training than korra does at 19. She's also much more willing to be super violent than he is so.

  8. avatar state korra stands no chance, outside of that korra is physically stronger, but aang has better technique so i think it would be close

  9. Korra is raw power against aang who is powerful and measured. Korra would give aang a good fight but ultimately I think aang would pace himself better to last the whole fight and make smarter tactical moves, once he stops underestimating korra. My bets on aang winning but korra will nearly smoke him first.

  10. Without the avatar state, I think Korra would win. She’s had better training and more fighting experience than Aang. However, when the avatar state is factored in, Aang would win. He’s shown more power and control over the state than Korra. Plus, he still had all the power and wisdom from the past avatars, while Korra lost that connection. This would be a very close fight either way, though.

  11. Korra can take and deliver hits equally. But Aang is a hard target to hit who can still make a few good hits. Korra can get into Avatar State easier while Aang's Avatar State gives him a bigger boost. I'd really have to give it to Aang.

  12. Well I always go with what Bryan Konietzko and Michael DiMartino said in a interview some time ago (don’t remember where I read it)

  13. Aang. Literally half of Korra’s series is about her getting her ass handed to her due to her lack of strategy and self-control. Aang is much more calculated and resourceful.

  14. I'll be honest I completely disagree. Aang gets his ass handed to him way more often and its due to his lack of fighting skill, Korra gets her ass kicked when chained, poisoned or suffering a mental illness.

  15. Aang also took someone’s bending away whenever it looked like his own will was about to lose, he was steadfast in his principles and said, no. You move and Ozai’s bending was gone. He ended a century long war at just 13.

  16. Korra because she had years and years of training (except for Air bending) while Aang had like a year to learn everything.

  17. I love Korra but Aang would probably destroy her, doesn’t mean she’s not an awesome and strong avatar, it just feels like Aang was a little more together

  18. If they used the AS at one point Aang has his past lives, they’re the source of his power in that show so he’s beat her, not easily but he would.

  19. Korra at her peak and aang at his? Aang takes the win. If it’s Korra season 4 vs Aang season 3 Korra takes the win.

  20. In the avatar state Korra shoukd win because she has Aang with her. In their prime without avatar state I'm going with Aang all day.

  21. Aang because his avatar state is stronger. But Korra is damn near killing him before they both use it.

  22. Aang will always try to find way without violence, unless he manages to corner Korra, Korra wins since she is less hesitant

  23. I would go with Korra because she is training most of her life,but probably Aang would win because I am guess the experience of his past lives gives him a huge advantage

  24. Want’s avatar state stomps Korra’s for one big reson (assuming this is book 3 aang and book 4 korra) the past lives of the avatar were destroyed by vaatu, aang also could maintain his avatar state for up to 100 years straight

  25. I mean, ignoring bias and approaching this from a purely logical perspective: considering the Avatar state draws it's power from all the Avatars before you, it is reasonable enough to assume the Avatar state becomes more powerful with each new Avatar, therefore Korra should have a slight advantage here

  26. At the stages in life reflected in the pictures, Korea would win hands down. That being said, if they were at the same stage of life, hard to tell.

  27. if they are both using the avatar state, wouldn’t korra have the benefit of 1 extra avatar (aang himself) backing her up?

  28. Aang. He restrained and took away the fire lord’s bending without the avatar state while he was powered by sozin’s comet. Korra has never even met a fire bender at that strength.

  29. AS aang sweeps because he still has access to the 10,000 years of past knowledge whereas Korea doesn't. Without AS it's way closer but I'd say korra wins there for sure.

  30. Obviously Korra, I mean I'm a bigger fan of Aang but if you think he wins your dumb. Korra has more training more time and is a prodigy, she always focused on the combat aspect of the avatar

  31. as others have said before, aang would refuse to fight one of his future selves, but korra would not hesitate before sucker-punching a twelve year old

  32. If they fueled at the ages they are in that pic? Korra, and by a long shot. She fucked up Zaheer while her body was actively destroying itself through mercury poisoning.

  33. Wouldn't Aang be stronger due to still having access to the strength and power of the past Avatars? If they didn't have the Avatar states, I would probably say Korra. She can metalbend which Aang has no answer to.

  34. Korea is better fighter with on avatar state so she would win that but unlucky Oxford her both of them have avatar state and Anga in avatar state is so much more powerful then her in it. So over all Anga

  35. 100% convinced Aang woudnt even wanna fight her because she’s a woman and would just be trying to pacifist his way out of it for majority of the fight

  36. Is korra pre split or after? People shitting on Aang for not having as much battle experience. But Aamg can pull from the knowledge from all past Avatars while Korra just has herself.

  37. If the two face each other as we saw them at the end of their respective series, Korra wins hands down.

  38. Once they are both in the avatar state aren’t they basically… the same? 🧐 aang’s spirit would even be bolstering Kora in her state??

  39. Kora has metal bending as well as better spirit bending . Aang has previous avatars . I give it to Kora just because metal bending can be a bit of a cheat

  40. Korra is tougher and more head strong but Aang has the past lives and he is more calm headed and doesn’t act out of rage also he can take away bending Korra needs to channel Aang in the avatar state to do this. So idk who would win either way it would be a pretty intense fight I’m rooting for Aang though

  41. This fight undoubtedly comes down to who has a more powerful avatar state. Taken at their power levels at the end of their respective shows, and with the given that Aang has no choice but to fight her, Aang would win without a doubt. Avatar state grants you “all the skills and knowledge of the past avatars.” Korra severed that connection during her show, so she has the weakest avatar state since Wan. Aang on the other hand has the strongest. Korra almost certainly has more combat skill (and is also older), but that doesn’t really mean much in the face of overwhelming power. Aang fighting Ozai is just a whole different level and we never saw Korra approach that kinda power.

  42. I've often read that Aang was so much more destructive in the avatar state compared to Roku and others because Aang was much less experienced and therefore much more open to letting the past lives control him (i.e. bad-ass, 'fuck everybody up' Kyoshi).

  43. I’m pretty sure the creators have stated before that Korra is the stronger fighter/Avatar. At least at the times we see both in the show. I would need to find that quote again.

  44. I don’t think they’d fight. At no point do I think Korra would anger Aang to where he would ever break his pacifism brawl and Korra isn’t a battle hungry monster. Aang’s serries didn’t show a lot of one on one fighting and a lot of the world at the time was entrenched in a global conflict. It was martial combat or defence, unless you are a Kioshi warrior. Korea’s world was so different in the course of two generations that Aang as a twelve year old would be thrilled- or dizzy being a sheltered monk.

  45. Idk, Korra is a damn beast dont get me wrong but I swear the only thing keeping Aang back from being an annihilator is his empathetic, airbending ways. He woke up as a 12 year old one day, learned three elements and beat a whole ass Firelord at his strongest before hitting puberty! When the world needed him most, he stepped the fuck up.

  46. Kora SUCKED in just about every if not every Avatar state battle she took part in. Aang took care of business. I’d put my money on Aang.

  47. Aang had the wisdom and power of hundreds if not thousands of avatars before him. He also mastered all four elements in about a year. Korra like 18 years to master them at least. I think the krew is objectively more powerful than the gaang but aangs power still outmatches the rest of them.

  48. Korra. Even if you age Aang up, hes not a fighter. He spent his time as the avatar post Ozai going around being diplomatic and building the post war world, not exactly working on his bending. So post crunchtime to avoid getting straight out merc'd by Ozai, we don't see Aang go back and finish mastering the elements and while he is a master airbender and a good waterbender, his earth and fire are considerably weaker. Korra has the advantage of literally being trained since childhood and mastering 3 of the 4 elements by the start of her show which is aprox 16yo. Literally her opening scene is her absolutely clowning on her firebending instructors to become a certified master. The closest we see aang to that age is comics aang, and hes definitely not at that level. Its just not in his character/what he needs to worry about

  49. Aang beat Ozai at the age of 13 after being frozen in time for decades. And this was someone who was a pacifist. Korra was having issues fighting other people her age in pro bending after being trained to be the avatar. That and she's older than aang. So who wins, the 13 year old, recently frozen pacifist who beat the fire lord and took away his bending to not kill him...or the 17-21 year old who loves fighting and got her ass handed to her by Toph who was old as shit by that time or other adults who beat her, and she was never frozen lol. Hmm

  50. Aang lol. Just my opinion but I feel like since as of [late] Book 2 Korra lost her access to the other Avatars that kinda makes her Avatar state abilities not quite as powerful as Aang's [he can switch between the elder Avatars but she can't. I assume their experience and power alone is enough to defeat Korra]. But the only way a fight like this would make sense would probably be time/magic shenanigans.

  51. I mean, id vote for Korra because Korra LOVES to fight, and is a better fighter than Aang. Plus she has a willingness to do harm on a level Aang just isn't. Avatar form or no, Korra would stomp Aang

  52. Korra’s stronger, but aang is a better all around avatar, so I think aang will win from overall better balance of skills and wisdom

  53. Korra was actually way stronger because Rava was stronger after the convergence. Not fair. The base strength value and source of “power” was not equal.

  54. Aang would go into the avatar state and clap her ass. Bruh not even close. This man wouldn't lay a finger on her and have her knocked out.

  55. Depends when and also it is a bit of an unfair matchup. Aang at the end of B3 was incredibly powerful and had technically mastered the elements, but Korra had had much more time dedicated to mastering Water, Earth, and Fire. Aang obviously has a massive lead of Airbending, but it's 3v1 in terms of element mastery with proper time to learn. Also, Korra loses her ability to use the skills and knowledge of past Avatars. This in itself is a massive disadvantage, and would probably lead to Aang winning 99 out of 100 times.

  56. Are we talking early show Korra or late show Korra because she drastically got reduced in skill level due to poor pro bending habits inhibiting her creativity.

  57. If we’re going avatar state to avatar state I’d say Aang because he has the power of the past lives where Korra doesn’t. While she is far more connected to raava they said in atla that the avatar state has all the past lives power combined so Aang has like 1000 lifetimes worth of power to Korra’s 20 years.

  58. I'm gonna keep this small, and I'm not just saying this because I like her lol, I like Aang too, but Korra takes the cake 😍💕 but for the fight, I definitely give this to Korra, and I can give a million and one reasons as,to why, but like I said, I'm not gonna get too detailed... Korra wins definitely.

  59. Bryan Konietzko have said that 9/10 thry stalemate with Aang escaping Korra. But 1/10 that one time Korra will grab him and beat him. Even some other creator that only worked on ATLA have said that Korra would win, but Aang woyld de-escalate the issue, this includes Aaron Ehase. I think honestly it comes down to rather you value 10000 years of Avatar wisdom in a fight or Avatar States levels of metal vending. That's the only real difference here is Aang still having connection to his past lives and Korra being the first metal bending Avatar. For me 10000 years of Knowledge is a lot, but having a whole nother element at your disposal that you can use on an avatar state level is kind of why the avatar takes such an advantage over other benders.

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