Any good books/websites to read to get a deeper understanding of dsa?

  1. Try reading Introduction to Algorithms by CLRS, it's the bible for dsa, I'm not too old but in the hyper fast world, these gold mines are often overlooked

  2. Just to add to the comment, my personal observation has been that the two stand-out books in this domain are:

  3. In this hyper fast world there is no time to learn from CLRS unless you are really pursuing Research position and plan to work in Algorithms Research.

  4. My advice would be to avoid burnout. It's a journey, not a sprint. Enjoy the road trip, relax, get reinvigorated, and get back to the grind.

  5. I know what you mean, breaks are really important. but I need something to fight the creeping feeling of falling behind as my peers excel, always feeling like i’m wasting my time. every day I don’t do something to get closer to my goals a part of me hates what i’ve done, unless if it’s my dedicated rest day. and this curse can only be broken by getting a job offer

  6. CLRS, The Algorithm Design Manual, Cracking the Code Interview, Elements of Programming Interviews, Competitive Programmer’s Handbook

  7. I haven’t read the algorithm design manual nor the CLRS but I’m going through the common sense guide to data structures and algorithms and I’ve liked it so far. (I’m about half way) and it’s not intimidating as the others with 1000 pages

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