5 days and the lack of sleep is horrendous

  1. Lying down, without moving, in your bed equals sleep! Even if you’re awake you will be able to function the next day hundred percent!

  2. Try listening to an audiobook while you drift off, helps me loads. Pick a book your familiar with so your not so invested in the story, for me it's harry potter every night. Works a treat

  3. After a while the sleep starts to feel so good. Wake up with energy it's insane. But kinda every second night atm ( 7day mark) white noise or thunder storms help me sleep.

  4. i am on day 5 as well and struggling w the saaaaame thing. hoping in the next couple days i can catch some solid zzzz’s. this isn’t my first rodeo and from experience i know that yum yum sleep is coming soon. you can do it too pal, this is the way.

  5. trust me man i know exactly how you feel. what helps me is reading before bed. i dont look at my phone 1h before bed and reading definitely helps. if i didnt read i know it would be waaaay worse

  6. 10 year daily user and about 5 days in as well. I just make sure to work out and meditate in bed. That usually puts me right to sleep. Just take comfort in the fact that you are in control of your addiction and stay strong! You got this!!

  7. Keep it up! This is temporary. I found after my first quit that the sleep after a couple weeks vastly improves. You'll feel better rested than you ever did trying to get beneficial sleep while high.

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