I tried to draw a portrait (1st pic) using a reference (2nd pic) but they look nothing alike. Would really appreciate some tips on how to draw faces that accurately resemble the source.

  1. The face outline is too narrow. Some research says drawing is about getting all the angles correct. Looks like you might have drawn each part separately and need to look at the big picture regularly.

  2. Tracing is not cheating. I like to trace an outline and then draw in the big shapes to train myself on proportions.

  3. It’s a good start! Don’t feel discouraged, something that helps me draw faces is to keep drawing them and with measurements. Focus on the shape of the face, and never scrap or throw it away to recognize your progress. Another thing that helped me personally is to separate the facial features. So like sketch out the eyes or the nose first. Then on a separate canvas once you have an understanding of how their face looks like try sketching out the entire face. You can also use a digital program like Krita or photoshop to layer the images and see what exactly is disproportionate.

  4. It looks pretty similar, the face as others have pointed out is too narrow so the drawing of the person looks fragile or older as opposed to youthful look.

  5. You caught the vibe of the photo with your drawing, that's the main goal but, the drawing lacks proportion The eyes should be lined up with each other. Look up proportions of the human face and you'll see what I'm talking about

  6. A common denominator I see when people ask this question is that they’ve committed to drawing dark lines and completing the entire drawing before getting the proportions correct. Spend more time making the initial sketch perfect before moving on to the next phase. Your outline should already strongly resemble your reference before you do any shading.

  7. Her face is too narrow. Need way more value in the shading. And it needs dimension. Your drawing looks flat. The shading also needs to be blended more. Hard outlines have to go. Eyes are to close, they are too big. Hair needs more value and needs to be smoother.

  8. Eyes too big, mouth too dark. Main thing I would say though is not enough separation of light and shadow. Try drawing it with very light lines and then blocking in the shadow shapes. Leave the lit part paper. I think portraits always look goofy when they are only lines, unless you very intentionally control line weight

  9. I thought for certain that this was Sarah Paulson before I saw the reference, even still it's a very nice sketch

  10. Alright, lemme tell you, when drawing realistic portraits from a reference, even the SLIGHTEST differences in line work make a huge difference in the look of the person, and it’s really frustrating. You just have to make those tiny adjustments that I hope other commenters have explained. It’s very close. If you work to fix it you could really improve it pretty easily.

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