Zilean reaches 1000 days without a skin

  1. He's in a really strange spot. He's not necessarily very fun for a lot of the playerbase but is quite strong. They don't seem to have any desire to rework him in the near future, so in limbo he will remain.

  2. Mundo doesn't feel like he has the current longest streak without a new skin. Obviously it's due to the VGU where it feels like you got all new skins, but damn was frozen prince that long ago? I wouldn't have put him anywhere near the top.

  3. Dude ikr. I’m still trying to figure out how the DnD Taric/Twitch/Talon skins came out like 2.5 years ago. I still remember watching the ratirl video about it.

  4. Udyr and mundo are both in the same boat as fiddle when he reached the 1000 day club. They all technically didn’t have new skins, but their visual updates and changes practically gave them all a shit ton of new skins.

  5. Let's be real Mundo peaked with Corporate & Pool Party skins and never needed any others because by Gragas' crack you can't get it any better than those even in the old days imo.

  6. I'm sure i remember some rioter say that Zilean is basically on the same watchlist old poppy was: actually really strong but extremely unpopular, ready to be kneecapped the moment it becomes too popular.

  7. Riot doesn't deserve Zilean. He's too pure. League must continue to print money, which means god forbid they remember to adjust ancient characters instead of pumping out new ones.

  8. Is this the longest time since last specific change a champ has in the game rn? Even the "obscure" champs or champs who dont see ANY high elo or pro play, like Teemo and Yi, got changes recently...

  9. As a Kalista main, there are much worse things than getting no changes to your kit. Don't become like us. Don't become a hop champion who only gets 75% of her attack speed per hop.

  10. To be honest - I'd be unironically down for any one of these, or a Space Groove or Odyssey one like others have mentioned

  11. Overall playerbase doesn't want him updated in fear of 200years of design experience and Zilean mains want to keep him the way he is. Perfectly balanced as it should be.

  12. Alistar, while maybe near the same playrate now, certainly was not always at that level. When engage supports are strong, Alistar is usually a top tier pick, and he often wavers in an out of pro-play dominance every couple of years. While Zilean pops his head in, he’s not been meta for a VERY long time.

  13. Alistar has a normal model, Zilean's is so bad that nothing will save it and all skins look like shit because of his outdated animations.

  14. Did they revisit Alistar's model ever? I think they might not want to design skins for Zilean because they'll eventually need to update his animations/rig. I honestly expect a skin that uses a new model or for Riot to just let him sit until they decide it's time to update him visually.

  15. Alistar, at time, has been the most dominant support in the game. Popular in both pro and casual games.

  16. One thing that would be interesting is the number of players that pickrate covers. Zilean is played by alot of Zilean mains/one-tricks, who would all buy the skin. Alistar seems like a champ that could have alot more people playing him just alot less games/player, hence the similar overall playrate.

  17. A while ago; I did a spreadsheet on how many skins a champion has relative to other champions released at a similar time, and how under or over-par the champion was.

  18. Realistically we shouldn’t count Nocturne or Zilean either because they’re both candidates for reworks. Riot absolutely won’t make them a new skin if they’re rebuilt from the ground up anyway in a year’s time.

  19. At some point every rework came with a new skin on release although that kind of died down. Still i don't think the reworks should count. One of the consequences of VGUs is more modern kits are easier to make skins for. Oldyr and Old Mundo barely had any vfx so once you finished his model you were 90% done with the skin. Now that their potential is so much bigger it would be cool for the people who main them to get to actually see that potential put to use

  20. Don't worry, they'll just casually shoe horn him into the next uninspired futuristic robot skin instead of fitting him somewhere that makes sense.

  21. Technically not new skins though, right? If I own a skin for a champ that got a VGU, did I get a new skin when the update went live? Sure, it looks better now but it’s an old skin that’s been brought to 2022 quality.

  22. thats true. its more difficult to make skin for champs like zed, yet they made much skins for that chmaps, althrouhght it take drastically more time

  23. He needs a VGU imo. Just not a particularly fun kit to play and the fantasy behind his character could be so much better imagined.

  24. I'd rather have him get an ASU/VGU/whatever the name it is now than another epic skin, because both his model and animations look really bad next to other champions... I mean just put Zilean and Nilah side to side on bot lane, I feel dead inside just looking at them.

  25. I have a legendary skin idea for him. Dragon trainer. His bombs are dragons and a egg nest for his ring where they hatch from and ofc his e gives you wings and fire feet when he speeds someone up. Magma when he slows someone down

  26. Seems pretty unfair to include Udyr and Mundo, who basically both just got all their skins revamped and made far superior to the previous versions.

  27. As someone who has recently enjoyed playing league (part of the arcane wave) i have realy enjoyed the cooky old time man but unfortunately i really dont play him as often as id like because of how dated his skins are, i use the blood moon skin even tho it isn't exactly my speed whenever i do play him but would really like something new maybe along the pulsfire line atleast imean arent they literally about time travel

  28. Do we need to include usyr since he just got reworked, brand new skin and brand new look? Even though there wasn't an actual skin released.

  29. I was looking at Taric the other day. Got him in Aram and it made me sad to see how few skins he has given how old he is.

  30. I didn't even realise Dragon Oracle Udyr was such an old skin, i swear it felt like it released last year

  31. for as much play he gets in aram and in pro play you'd think. You could even "gothic" him up with that nightmare before xmas skin line. ps naut's anchor big af in that new skin line

  32. For the people not knowing it, Riot is intentionally ignoring zilean. Riot stated multiple times that he is a low playrate champ that is also hidden op. If he ever get's slightly popular, they will nerf him to the ground. So get already used zulean being ignored

  33. Zilean's kit is honestly fine I think. It's thematically appropriate, and it's pretty balanced. However, my boy out here looking like a one off N64 character. He needs a new model and new VFX

  34. Well to be fair. Taric had a ton of skins come out a while back when they completely removed all the color from him and made him a white guy.

  35. super boring champ very annoying to play against and has one of the ugliest models so idk about a skin man needs a rework and a vgu.

  36. I dont think they should give him a skin without updating him first. No matter the skin, unless its legendary its gonna lose points with those animations and else

  37. Please rework Zilean. A time-wizard should not have a kit consisting of chain-bombing your enemies. I would also like to see a completely new ult for him too. There is already enough untargetability and revives between zhonya/stopwatch/GA and other more thematic revives in the game, and tbh a revive "turning back time to before they were dead" as an ult for a TIME WIZARD feels like a copout with the technology and complexity that goes into modern-era champ design.

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