JD Gaming vs. Top Esports / LPL 2022 Summer Playoffs - Winners' Bracket Final / Post-Match Discussion

  1. they looked so tilted after they were down something like 9-2 in kills and made a bunch of sloppy mistakes. Then JDG realized they dont want to play EDG and went ultra clutch mode

  2. After the first 2 games, I though for sure this is gonna end 3-0 for TES. Not only did they come back the next 2 games, but they overcame a sizeable deficit in game 5 and win it. They are un-tiltable.

  3. I was thinking game was unwinnable for jdg but Jdg with such a strong comeback. One of the best Bo5's I have seen in a long time

  4. It was so back and forth. I dont cheer for any of the team so it was super fun to watch. I guess fans of the teams are barely alive from all those heart attacks

  5. It is quite funny that this basically reverses spring, even though not against each other JDG were reverse swept (by RNG) and TES did reverse sweep (V5)

  6. I need to remember this advanced griefing technique where you send the enemy bruisers to flank your own carries using Poppy ult. To be serious though, feels bad for Tian, he had pretty massive Poppy ults the entire game, but TES being on JDG's side of the map made that last Poppy ult into an int, rip.

  7. Holy fuck, it's so refreshing to see a team being able to consistently being able to come back from big discrepancies through pro-active plays against another tier 1 team. Hype as fuck.

  8. I hope Tian doesn't mental boom over those smites, the game shouldn't have even gotten to that point and he played well over the series.

  9. Yeah, it would suck to have RNG automatically qualified for the Worlds after getting eliminated so early in the playoffs.

  10. I hope RNG qualifies as 3rd or 4th seed, having the winner of MSI at Worlds always feels correct, but glad they aren't second, they really shouldn't be.

  11. Indeed, and also if TES wins against EDG in the lower finals on sunday, JDG are guaranteed 2nd seed to Worlds. Pray 🙏🏻

  12. That is one of the all-time great League of Legends series, what a fucking match. The great thing is, no matter who out of EDG or TES make it to the final, we're guaranteed another banger

  13. Yeah I thought he was sacrificing too much damage but when the fights are each team 3 manning the enemy adc + Taliyah zeri poke I guess it's valid lol

  14. Holy fuck what a banger! LPL mental baby. Both teams put in every bit of sweat and blood in this series. But WHAT A COMEBACK FROM JDG

  15. What a series, wow! And topping it off with Hope kiting two people at the other side of the screen was beautiful

  16. He was going hard with Tian in game 4 but otherwise very bland performance by the beSt MId iN ThE woRLd. Man's got pure water in his veins.

  17. This match was insane. So good. LPL CLASSIC banger between two heavy weights. So insane that JDG brought game 4 and 5 back...

  18. Holy fuck, this has to be one of the best series of all time. So back and forth, both teams played their hearts out. Amazing.

  19. What a goddamn banger. If you haven't watched the series, you really have to. One of the best series in a very long time.

  20. What an insane series. It's 2020 again, and TES and JDG are beating the everloving shit out of each other. One of the best BO5s ever, and it's just upper bracket finals.

  21. As a non-biased third party watching LPL has been sooo good this year. Bo5s have been fun in all leagues this year tbh.

  22. Never ever would I have imagined that one day there would be a League BO5 great enough to challenge the SKT/ROX BO5 series. Until today.

  23. Jackeylove had consistently been the better player this entire split especially in playoffs. Knight has regressed a ton in playoffs, he’s just not that dude

  24. HOLY FUCK WHAT A SERIES WITH SO MANY INSANE PLAYS BACK AND FORTH. That last game legit felt more stressful than my own 5th game of solo q promos....can't even imagine what it was like for the players. Not gonna lie, I doubt World finals would even top this, and as a fan of Tian I hope they make it back from the lower bracket and get revenge on JDG in the actual finals!

  25. Easily one of the best series in history of the game.. i hope (pun unintended) that this series proves to everyone how dirty good Hope can be man.. yes, his lane phase can be sus sometimes, but his tf is insanely good, he went toe to toe with JKL in insane form today.

  26. The mental was the main thing lacking in JDG in past splits. If they have overcome that, they could be serious Worlds contenders

  27. Yagao Kanavi are legitimately the best mid jungle in LPL I'm convinced. People thought JDG will choke, definitely not after this.

  28. Dude I felt so bad for Tian man. I know people are gonna flame him for that one but... It feels unfair because it was a really tense teamfight. I really hope it doesn't affect his mental cause people love to shit one him for being a two-trick even though he was one of the main reasons TES came back in games.

  29. Easily best series of the year. And one of the best I've seen in many years. JDG vs TES ALWAYS FUCKING DELIVERS LETS GO

  30. Ive been watching lol esports since msi 2020 and this is the best series Ive seen, both this teams are incredible

  31. Easily the best BO5 ever played, the macro, the outplays, the set-ups, the players, the team fights, the resilience. I hope we see a rematch at the finals.

  32. I woke up, went to take my morning shit and game 5 was about 15 mins from ending. I got numb legs because I was so into the game I forgot I was on the toilet.

  33. TES, also known as Throw E-Sports is a professional league of legends team known for throwing consistently at the highest level.

  34. Well JDG threw a 10k lead in Game 2. I really thought that was it if they didn't close out Game 2 after that big throw. God wow I did not see that reverse coming

  35. JDG, also known as Just Don't Give up is a professional league of legends team known for not mental boomed after down 2-0 at the highest level.

  36. Knight continues to be one of the most overrated players ever, this guy chokes every important game.

  37. One of the best B05 in the last 5 years in League. Just insane. Funny thing is JDG still can't qualify to worlds unless they win the split. Another banger TES vs EDG incoming. LPL Playoffs > Worlds

  38. Boy did I just watch the best, most exciting series ever or what?! Both teams came in to fight and it’s down to the wires all five games.

  39. Despite the blunder in the last team fight, I’m glad tian validating that mvp he got, I thought he gapped Kanavi even in that loss in game 4. If the two top laners switch teams, I think it’s an easy 3-0 it was that big of a gap

  40. Can't wait for TES to win grands 3-2 and be champion after having even match and game score with JDG because leagues refuse to do true double elimination.

  41. ALL TIME GREAT SERIES WOW HOLY Havent felt this hype watching any series in a long long while but this was something else. Full gas great fights, insane comebacks, noone inting by overt mistakes and crazy split second decisions. Brought me back to s6 tbh

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