The last pic i took of my friend in our highschool workshop while goofing off 2 months before he passed unexpectedly from leukemia.We we’re friends since kindergarten .He was just 15 years old.

  1. Yep same here in school when we we’re jokingly punching and pushing eachother we saw he was getting wounds even tho the punches werent that hard. We actually said that he should check that but he thought it was alright..

  2. Whenever I see someone posting a person who was below 18 year old, I just can't understand how it can be so unfair... he didn't even become an adult, it just breaks my heart looking to the picture. I am very sorry for your loss, stay strong.

  3. My girlfriend is a pediatric oncologist specializing in childhood leukemia. It's truly terrifying. Some types can be completely undetectable until you're months away from death with no treatment options. Luckily she is brilliant and working in drug development so that kids like your friend might have a fighting chance.

  4. Thanks everyone for the cheerful messages,so to not reply everyone individualy its easier just to write to everyone and that it means to me.Even though my friend passed away on 24th November 2014, it hit me hard but i got through it and a lot of time passed since then so im ok now.

  5. He looks like he had a bit of a mischievous streak in him from this picture. Though it could just be the goofing around you were doing here. I'm sort you lost him so soon.

  6. This is incredibly sad. It’s especially cruel when the life taken away is so young and full of possibilities.

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