Korea YouTuber HojuSara dies aged 31 after a six-month battle with leukemia.

  1. Especially rare back when she started. It was before the BTS hype and very few foreigners were speaking Korean as well as she was back then.

  2. This is really heartbreaking. I remember watching her when I was younger, and early this year I remember seeing her video on her diagnosis. I was reminded of her recently and was going to check her YT to see if she had gotten better.

  3. I first found out about her through her Leukemia video. The second video I saw from her was the recent one, announcing her passing. It's so crazy how aggressive the illness is and how short her battle was. It genuinely shocked me - the fact that she started this year thinking of all the stuff she wanted to accomplish, not knowing she'd be gone within 6 months - and made me think about all the unimportant stuff I stress about, when really I should be grateful that I'm alive and somewhat healthy. It was so hard to watch her fiancé/husband deliver the news. I hope he has someone around him to help him out and keep an eye on him.

  4. This is so awful. Sara was such a sweet soul. I can’t even imagine how difficult this must be for her husband…they were so in love.

  5. I watched about 10 minutes of Hyun’s video on her channel the other day and was absolutely sobbing my eyes out, especially listening to her final voice note. I’ve followed her for years and gratefully got to speak with her once about learning Korean. She inspired me so much and just seemed like the most wonderful person. I’m so sad she’s gone and I can’t even imagine how her family or Hyun are feeling.

  6. I cried the entire way through, and then some, poor Hyun, i just, my heart broke watching it. It’s so shocking and upsetting. Sara was definite goals for me as an Australian learning Korean.

  7. It's crazy how it all happened on an ordinary holiday trip back home with her boyfriend...it was like she was meant to be in the comfort of her family before finding out and battling through it.

  8. Yeah, it's really made me pause and reflect on how short and unpredictable and precious life is. Happy to see she left her bright mark though.

  9. I used to watch her, and recently, about a month ago, found out about her condition. I didn't realize at the time that she was in a lethal condition. My condolences...

  10. Saddened to hear this. After watching Hyun’s video on her channel, I felt like I lost a friend. I watched Sara for years and was so impressed of her love and knowledge of Korea, my heritage. I’m glad she got to see her family again and had hyun’s love by her side. Rest in loving peace, Korea loving Sara from Australia. Bbyong! And sending my love to Sara’s family, friends and Hyun.

  11. I’ve been watching Sara’s videos on and off for years and was really enjoying her videos earlier this year with the Seoul apartment hunting and was looking forward to the Australian travel and new apartment tour videos. We did get one video of their Sydney trip, but sadly everything after has been such terrible news. I have to admit, I skimmed through her illness vlogs quickly, only because I was waiting for the “I beat cancer” vlog and wanted to stay positive. However, seeing the thumbnail on Hyun’s video this week, I knew I had been foolish to assume everything would work out and be ok. It just never crossed my mind there could be another ending. I watched Hyun’s video in its entirety, even though it was quite hard at some points. I can’t imagine having to record such a video, and hope Hyun and Sara’s family and friends have the support they need 💜

  12. That video was devastating to watch, my heart breaks so much for Hyun. My condolences to Hyun and Sara's family :( Sara was such a bright person and I'll really miss that energy. It felt surreal when they announced that Sara had leukaemia, and then watching her progress videos, she seemed to be doing okay but it goes to show how awful and aggressive this illness is. I really hope Hyun finds the strength from Sara's words, I really can't imagine how he's feeling right now, I just want to give him lots of virtual hugs.

  13. At least I'm glad I'm not alone in feeling so heartbroken over the death of someone I never even met. I've been thinking about her nonstop for 2 days. It's just so unfair for her. I've watched her videos for many years, and was so looking forward to recovery/returning to Korea/wedding ceremony videos. RIP Sara. Bless you, Hyun.

  14. You do hear “so-and-so was so kind,” and “was the light of the room, etc. etc,” but I can tell you it’s true for Sara. She was absolutely the same in person as you see in her videos. It was almost freaky how genuine she was when sharing a cup of coffee, a rare quality in the industry if I’m being completely honest. Was always down for a good chat and to ask what you were up to these days. Her loss has rocked the local Youtuber community as it’s small enough that everyone knows, or knows of, each other quite a bit. It just plain sucks.

  15. i'm truly shocked. i started watching her in 2018 when i first started learning korean & i check in on her videos from time to time, the last one i saw was when she got engaged to hyun. her passion for korea was so palpable and inspiring to watch. it's just crazy bc she really lived her life and made all the moments count, and her time got cut short. i'm really sending all good vibes and light to her family, this must be really tough

  16. God this just breaks my heart. Only 6 months and she was taken from an earth that needs people like her. She was such an amazing person and I just hope her family has support so they can feel less lost in the journey of grief

  17. To think your whole life can change and abruptly end in a short six months. I’ve been following her videos for three years or so, especially last year and beginning of this year, I watched every video update. I was so excited for her to go back home to Australia and travel. Never expected the outcome to be this. I bawled watching Hyun’s video about the news. I had watched all her health update blogs and she was so positive despite the illness that I had no doubt in my mind that she would overcome it. When I realized that they hadn’t updated in about a month I knew that her health had taken a turn for the worse and seeing the thumbnail for the recent video my heart dropped. I can’t imagine the pain Hyun must be going through. She was incredibly down to earth and bright. You didn’t need to meet her for that to come across in her videos. Rest in peace Sara.

  18. May everything beautiful in the world remind us of you, Hoju Sara. Every time I visit Korea or Australia, I will have you to thank for bridging the two cultures together. May you rest in peace. And may God bless Hyun and the rest of your family and friends.

  19. I never knew about her until the news of her passing the other day. I went and watched the video of her husband Hyun talking about her death and then watched a few videos on her channel as well. She seemed like such a bright and kind person from her videos. She was so full of life and then just like that she got sick and died so suddenly.

  20. This world sucks, usually the best of us die first. I watched her videos in my early years in Suwon and she was really fluent and always glowing. I didn't keep up since I left, so it's really sad to see this here. What a tough world.

  21. This is so sad, I wonder if her bout of COVID weakened her immune system just enough to have brought the Leukemia on. She always had such a bright and loving presence on her YouTube posts.

  22. That was such a beautiful and heart wrenching video from Hyun about her passing. Poor things, cancer is so awful.

  23. I watched Hyun's entire video and I just wanted to reach through the screen and give him a hug so bad. Absolutely tragic.

  24. Watching Hyun’s video was devastating. I was so optimistic about her chances of recovery. It’s heartbreaking. I worry so much about him now, I can’t imagine losing someone as beautiful and bright as her. He was so good to her, I’m glad she had him by her side at the end.

  25. I cried a lot when I saw the news😭 so so sad... a close family member of mine also got diagnosed with cancer this summer and it's been a hard journey. I wish her and her family as well as her fiance the best❤️

  26. I had no idea she had leukemia. I used to watch her videos when I was in middle school and high school, now I'm a grad student. She had always a bright smile and seemed to spread a lot of good vibes and happiness around her. Her death is truly heartbreaking Hope she's well where she is now and my condolences to her husband, family and friends. RIP HojuSara 🙏

  27. So heartbreaking. I've seen her around YT before and couldn't stop sobbing watching the health news and goodbye video. Thank you for sharing this on here, I wouldn't have known about this otherwise.

  28. I just went to check her channel and saw the video, I’m so heartbroken. Bawling my eyes out watching Hyun talk about her. Their wedding would have been so beautiful. I suddenly feel inspired to start living the way I want to and to make the most of it

  29. Heartbreaking. I started watching her after she was featured on Safiya’s channel. I was floored when I saw the post. Couldn’t finish Hyun’s video. My god! My heart goes out to him and to her family and friends.

  30. Crazy lunatic antivaxxers whether they're korean, american, brazilian, or anywhere in the world will claim it causes cancer, make you grow a third arm, or turn you into a repitilian. It doesn't matter where they're from.

  31. I remember commenting on her videos saying I hope she continued these videos for many more years while I was studying abroad in Korea. Never would I have imagined she would pass from such an agfressive form of cancer so soon. I loved watching Hyun too, my heart goes all out to him as well as their family and friends.

  32. I feel so sad… I remember watching an old video and I thought she was so adorable. Stumbled upon her again a few months ago and saw the leukemia story was like she’s gonna beat it! Hugs to her family and her husband, she’s such a beautiful soul

  33. I really can’t believe it. We used to have classes together and I used to sit next to her. I thought she had a fighting chance against this disease. I’m really just so sorry. It just happened so soon

  34. I just watched her video about all the dust in Korea and how you have to wear a mask all the time. Then in her video telling about the illness she talks about pain in her chest. Ik its blood cancer but damn makes you wonder.

  35. While it's a very sad story, and I know they are youtubers, I will still never understand how someone turns on their camera to record themselves mourning a death and then uploads it on social media. Rubs me the wrong way, and just seems bizarre.

  36. It was her request. She had been doing YouTube for a long time and left a voice message with Hyun thanking her followers for all their support over the years.

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