How's everyone doing in the storm? Hunker down and tell me how it is where you are...

  1. I’m in Daejung-eup, Jeju (SW corner of the island) and as of 12am we are getting absolutely slammed. We’re juuust about at the center of the storm right now as I type. It was thought to hit the east coast, but it really doesn’t matter due to the typhoon’s sheer size.

  2. Been absolutely pouring on and off all day down here on Jeju. Wind started up a few hours ago and is getting really bad now. I went out for a walk late morning and the rivers running through Jeju City were already flooding so I imagine things are going to be fucked come morning.

  3. In Jeju City the wind has picked the hell up and is absolutely slamming us. I heard a loud popping sound somewhere in the distance a little bit ago and apparently some areas have been losing power. Still a few more hours to go.

  4. Seoul here, by Sinchon. Mostly heavy rain and light wind all day. Nothing scary yet. I'm curious to see what the city and types of flooding there will be, if any. Please take care everyone, especially those at Jeju and coastal areas!

  5. I am at Yeosu… thought about leaving the town but all the taxi drivers were assuring me it’s Ok. So I crashed at a 24hr spa (waterfront!) and nothing much happened except for heavy rain and strong winds. The spa is deserted and I had the huge common hall all for myself!

  6. Heavy rain in Incheon. Kinda fun riding an e-scooter around. Look out for fallen trees though, since one fell over a bike lane.

  7. Jeju City is nuts right now. The wind gusts are the fiercest I've ever heard. I'm actually a bit worried our windows will break. Not very keen to deal with that hassle.

  8. Shove some paper towels or something in the wedges of the inside to minimize the amount of movement. My sliding glass doors are a bit shaky and that's how I've fixed that in the past.

  9. Jeju. Windy and rainy. No worse than the ones last year or the year before. At least this year I've got the trampoline tied to the picnic table so it won't be going anywhere.

  10. I'm currently in Incheon (Seoul) here 2:34am. Windy and rainy but we're not in the eye of the storm. Stay safe everyone 🙏

  11. We are in Seoul and we are waiting before going to Gyeongju, Busan and Jeju. Does anyone think we could go there? Thanks for your help!

  12. I feel bad because I like the pretty purple color on Ventusky. My logical mind says I should worry about people's safety, but my monkey mind says "pretty swirls of color".

  13. In Seoul. It's actually raining pretty badly right now. On Ventusky it looks like the strongest band of rain is passing through the DMZ zone, as opposed to Busan or Jeju

  14. Stay safe, everyone. Appreciate the updates from all of you. We’re about to get on a flight to Seoul from Vancouver. Are there reports of canceling flights at the moment?

  15. jeju island to/from main land flight is all canceled.(it boardcast at news) in my guess, ferry also canceled.

  16. Still some wind down on Jeju but from what I can see at least around my neighborhood no real damage. Tons of branches all over and some signage blown off of buildings seem to be the most visible. Thankfully the heavy rain stopped when it did so at least around here the rivers didn't completely overflow. but I walked by some points where it wouldn't have taken much more to push them to that point.

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