Man in 40s screams at baby for crying during flight

  1. I've been on 15 hour flights where multiple babies did not stop crying. What this guy did was wrong and more "childish" than the child but under certain circumstances, temporary insanity is really a thing.

  2. He should have been kicked off the flight for escalating the situation and causing a much bigger disturbance. But I like how how the staff just kept trying to placate him… customers are wrong all the f’ing time, just ban his ass. A baby can’t be expected to control their emotions, but an adult should.

  3. I can fully understand and appreciate wanting to scream at a crying baby, however I've never needed to be told, even once, not to actually scream at a baby

  4. So, this. And God bless the poor parents. Assuming they aren't ignoring the kid, this is a grinding awful position to be in.

  5. Lol, I dealt patiently with a 3 year old toddler crying all flight from London UK to Incheon once in 2017 and that was even when I was in my teens (presumably I wasn't as mature) and my parents were also with me. A man in 40s can't handle that on a flight from Seoul to Jeju. People need to have some compassion for others these days!

  6. My worst experience was on a flight with a mom and happy baby in the next seat. I was playing the "gagung!" game making her laugh so hard she vomited on me.

  7. Having a baby in Korea was a great experience. But now living with a baby in Korea feels like we have to be on constant look out of people trying to mess with our baby. We were even having lunch at a restaurant and there were other families with babies and no one was crying or anything and a group of old men complained the whole time about people bringing their babies to public places. It seems like we have weekly situations with people now.

  8. I’ve noticed a lot in Korea that grown adults are way too comfortable with disrespecting or visibly/verbally showing their disdain for someone else’s crying child.

  9. I think it’s more that grown adults are way too comfortable with disrespecting people who are younger than them.

  10. I’ve also noticed it goes the other way, too. My sister was watching our cousin’s kid and when another kid pushed her (cousin’s kid) my sister just said, “No no, don’t push” and kid’s mom swooped in to go full-on Karen. There’s very little (reasonable) middle ground. At the end of the day, adults fail to act like respectable adults and we’re left with this disaster of a society.

  11. And this is a prime example of why I hate how archaic Korea's antidefamation laws are. After such outrageous behavior in public, why should he benefit from having his identity masked, shielding him from the consequences of his actions?

  12. I think about this all the time. People are getting so much ruder in Korea lately and they get away with this behavior because they know their identity is protected.

  13. These laws are intended to protect the wealthy and the privileged. That they sometimes protect the common assholes is accidental. A lot of these laws make sense when you view them in terms of protecting the rich and powerful.

  14. It’s almost like being able to name and shame people might have the public benefit of modifying his behavior, or give people like him pause to think about the consequences of their behavior.

  15. I was on KTX last month (as an American visiting) and this old Korean dude started yelling at a Korean mom who was with her baby next to him. The baby wasn’t even crying, just babbling. Weirdly in English I heard him yell SHUT UP among other things.

  16. If you’re too stupid to bring proper headphones on a flight by the time you’re in your 40’s, it’s on you. Buckle up and shut up.

  17. I could be wrong, but American airlines would arrest the guy in air and ground the plane. It's sad seeing ageist patriarchy prevail over the flight attendants' legal ability to act as law enforcement in air.

  18. I was on an Asiana flight from Chicago to Incheon a few years ago.. about half way through a Korean guy in his 50's started screaming and beating his wife.. it went on for about half an hour and I completely expected us to have to land in Alaska for the guy to be arrested for causing the disturbance but the flight crew didn't do shit.. I guess that I kind of felt like we got to korea early that time..

  19. I saw two kids jaywalking in front of this driving ahjuhshi yesterday. They ran and given his speed they were in no danger, but he kept blaring the horn pissed and stopped to curse these schoolkids in the middle of the intersection with a bus and a car behind him. Some people can’t control their anger

  20. I’ve sat in the same row as a crying infant for a 17 hour flight and he screamed for 80% of the flight. I promise there are so many options other than raging at baby and parents. This manbaby is a way worse human being than any infant on planet earth.

  21. Seoul to Jeju is legit 50 min and those planes are like tin cans no woder that baby was crying... And that guy was probably raised in a barn cause people who travel buy noise canceling earphones for situations like these🙆🏾‍♀️

  22. What a hypocrite. If he can't control himself from screaming, how does he expect a baby to, especially when he is yelling at it.

  23. According to multiple sources the man was allegedly intoxicated (very heavily). Wasn’t apparent until man in question removed mask (to spit on the father). Intoxication doesn’t excuse behavior in any way, but there you go.

  24. I was annoyed a bit by a crying baby once, but then I remember that I brought ear plugs with me. Pair that with some headphones, and you can't hear a thing.

  25. AirPods Pro have noise cancellation. Worked to drown out almost all of the crying for me. You don’t even have to have music playing (but the battery has to have charge left)

  26. I was on a flight from Busan to the Philippines and there was a baby crying the entire flight. It was hell, but what can you do? Oh, right you can scream and make everything a million times worse than it already is.

  27. The man's outburst is definitely excessive, but i do understand why he's upset. Children crying and screeching grates anyone's nerves... I'd be losing my mind too, tho not like that.

  28. maybe mans should’ve flown business class or something like come on it’s a child 😭 or take a ferry to jeju or something instead

  29. I was on a US-Seoul flight one time, and I swear to 하나님, this one baby cried the entire flight. Sometimes the baby was wailing and sometimes he was just making whimpering noise. I've been that parent before though and know how it feels; so I never say anything about crying babies on planes.

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