Am I even supposed to be able to open up this badboy ( esee avispa ) with one hand? Loosing the big screw at the blade does not seem to help.

  1. Is this a frame lock? It looks like you might be putting pressure on the lock with your finger. When you do this it essentially makes the detent super super strong.

  2. Keep flicking it a ton . That’s how mine came and it flips like a pro now . It’s just seized up from the factory . You’ll get that flick you want !

  3. Flick up, not to the side. Try middle finger, it is easier than thumb flick specially with some knives

  4. Try switching the pocket clip to tip up carry position. I used to have one of these and remember in one orientation the pocket clip would add tension to the frame lock and increase friction on the blade making it hard to open.

  5. Try open and clean it, lube and reassemble. No way it should be that stiff. Return to seller is it doesn't change.

  6. I have this one and the stonewashed look. The black one was definitely tight when I first got it. Ya need to flip it ALOT to brake it in.

  7. I just open mine by snapping my wrist. The blade is heavy enough that the centrifugal force will open it. At least mine will.

  8. send it to me. i still have a bit of my thumb left after breaking in my CRK and i want it completely gone

  9. Like a lot have said, push up along the scale. In the video it looks like you’re putting pressure down on the thumb stud and trying to flick outwards. That won’t work on most framelocks because you’re just pushing further into the detent. Instead put your thumb gently on the blade under the thumb stud and run it up along the scale. When you hit the thumb stud continue the upward motion until it deploys. Most likely this knife just has a really strong detent which keeps it firmly closed when not in use.

  10. Take it apart and make sure the washers or whatever mechanical pieces that are in the knife are aligned, slightly lubricated and not rubbing together or pinched. My Ontario Rat 1 in OD green is exactly like that but my creme Rat 1 thats beat the fuck up flicks out like butter and makes a cool metallic sound. Just beat the knife up.

  11. Just buy a Ontario rat way cheaper and way more functional honestly I got so many knives and every time I use the rat it makes me wonder why I bother spending all that money on other knives.

  12. It is way too tight. Loosen the “big screw” a bit and that should help. But be careful to only loosen it a bit as loosening it too much can invite blade play.

  13. i've got same knife. grab it up higher than you think you would, start ot with thumb on pivot, push thumb stud straight up.

  14. You have to back that screw out just a little bit.... also, put a few drops of rem oil on either side of the pivot. Mine was stiff like that, at first.

  15. it looks like you’re trying to open pushing straight out and if that’s the case I would say try pushing at a 45ish angle upward and out instead of just straight out.

  16. Push the lock bar open and try to "bend" it a little loser, had the same problem with mine, now I It is smooth as silk.

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