Can Amazon make a new Fire Phone from now on? Don't need extra high specs?

  1. I don't have cell service where I live believe it or not. So a fancy phone with all the features would be silly.

  2. Get service from a SIP aka VOIP provider -- there are several apps that work on the Fire such as BareSIP, Linphone, or Sipdroid.

  3. Just forget all about the Fire Phone. It was a failed project with a single model. No Amazon Fire device has had cellular connectivity since 2014.

  4. Amazon stopped selling them because it couldn't compete in the smartphone market. It's software was junk, and on top of that you didn't have access to the Google Play store which meant limited app support.

  5. Software was fine, but yes, not having out-of-the-box Google services was what killed the phone, which is kinda hilarious, since Android users have been touted for years as "power users", yet they didn't jump on an Android phone that was heavily discounted ($199, with 1yr free Prime--so essentially $99 for this phone). It also had some of the best hardware at the time.

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