Why not, help?

  1. Well if I were there I would have done a quadruple backflip over the fence and onto the tiger's back before choking it into submission with a finger in its butt to sooth the mighty beast to sleep. Like bro, wtf do you want them to do?

  2. I'm gonna be real with you, if my friend was being attacked by anything bigger than a coyote or wolf, I'm not fucking helping. how would you even help? Its a lion not a misbehaving dog

  3. Lol why help an idiot who provoked the lion? If anything,this is a lesson for him to not taunt animals that have a wall between the both of them. So dumb shit, win stupid prizes.

  4. This man needed to learn a lesson and hopefully at the cost of his finger he learned…..don’t stick your fingers where you wouldn’t stick your dick

  5. I think throwing a bucket of water at the lion would’ve probably worked. It does with dogs that wont let go when biting. But I doubt there was a bucket of water just laying around

  6. because he made his own bed. deaerves it, its not their job to save him. theres nothing they can do. we need the video. nothing dumber than “wHy dAidnT tHey HeLp?” comments

  7. well if someone read the articles before cross posting they would know that the people recording reported after they thought it was an act since it was a zoo attendant that lost a finger. But assuming you've read other comments, i doubt anyone would help regardless since there is no way to help.

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