Fresh to the disease!

  1. NAD- I haven’t really heard of someone being treated for CKD with that high of a GFR, is it because of the single kidney? I hope I don’t come across rude, just genuinely curious.

  2. Not rude at all! From my understanding so far, yes its because I have one kidney trying to do all the work. I have had one kidney all my life, so as much as it has grown with me to cope for both, my doctor is still adamant it should be taken very seriously, along side the fact that my GFR dropped 18 points in the space of a year ( 3 tests along the way) with no obvious cause. From what I have learned, CKD is all about prevention. So if we can prevent my kidney from reaching lower levels, then I can hopefully last longer before kidney failure, dialysis, transplant. etc.

  3. Hey man keep fighting love seeing your optimism. I have a eGFR of 81 with albumin slightly below 3. I’m 26 and athletic. Do you think I should be concerned? What would be your next steps? I did a blood/ urine last week and those were my results. My creatinine is about normal slightly higher but that’s because I workout intensely.

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