Weirdly Instant Benefits

  1. Another commenter mentioned the benefit of hamstring improvement for knee function. Obviously that's true (including all the other muscles), but the immediate benefit is more from mobility than strength, which takes a little longer. Don't neglect the warmup exercises and cool down stretching.

  2. Side topic: Aleks Salkin just released an ebook called Bulletproof Knees, if you’re interested. I bought it yesterday but haven’t started on it yet. It’s really extensive, over 50 pages.

  3. Yes kettlebells are special. Often I’ll be feeling wonky and then some suitcase carries or a tgu will completely change how my body feels. I can be having a bad day then a quick workout and getting that sweat going I feel a lot better.

  4. I feel you. I started s&s 4 days ago and on day 2 I was like, it's NOTICEABLY easier to pick up my 2yo with one arm/carry groceries/walk up flights of stairs/, but that seems crazy??? Proof in the pudding

  5. Started S&S about 10 days ago. My resting heart rate is already lower, my active job feels easier. Kettlebells are basically magic apparently.

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