Keep binging in carbs after two weeks

  1. You need to set some boundaries at work and with your BF. Its ok for them to offer, but to pressure after you said no is NOT. No is a complete sentence.

  2. Nope, not rude at all. You were cordial to her at first and she still bulldozed over your boundaries. You were in the right to up your response.

  3. Thank you , that’s good advice. It’s nice that they are always trying to include me but it’s does make it harder . They make a huge fuss when I’m fasting as well , if they find out that I’m not eating lunch they will bring all sorts of food to me , I go to my car for lunch now and lie that I have brought my own 😅

  4. Tell people at work that you've developed sensitivities to wheat and sugar and your bf that if he's worried about food waste to put the food in the freezer until he wants to eat it.

  5. Honestly, you just have to make the decision and commit to saying no. Set firm boundaries with your BF and coworkers. If you can’t indulge in one cookie without going off the rails (zero judgement, because same here), you have to just say no. If they bring you food, throw it away in front of them. That might make the point.

  6. Look them square in the face and say 'I guess you didn't hear me say 'no thanx' unless you are deliberately trying to sabotage my efforts to eat more healthy'. I found it was usually the fattest people who were shoving food at me. Ultimately, unless someone straps you to the floor and shoves a feeding tube down your throat, you are the one who has the say about what goes in your mouth. I found the first 2 weeks the toughest for the cravings but if you try to stick to whole foods, you become fat adapted in just a few weeks or a month and then your appetite becomes very manageable. I think for all of us, going through the baptism of fire is the hardest part. I know it's very tough but you are going to have to decide you're just going to say no.

  7. My spouse is a carb addict too. If he wants pizza he let's me eat some toppings cuz all he even wants is the crust lol. I've had issues like this in the past and an eating disorder that mostly revolved around binging. At under 50g carbs a day it went away but I also had to cut out sweeteners. Try going a month with zero sweets I did 1 or 2 and slowly readded sweeteners occasionally truthfully if I want a sweet now I dont even have sweetened foods/drinks I have a 70% or higher lindt chocolate. I used to think that stuff was nasty and now i prefer it. Can also stop after one. It made me realize something was wrong with my hunger. Weight loss on cico had always felt like I was holding on for fear life but keto after cutting sweeteners all of a sudden food became so easy and saying no was easy. Even if I go for a birthday party I have a small slice of cake now and can stop no problem and i am the person who used to eat whole cakes in secret my entire life.

  8. Always hated dark chocolate I only ate milk- or white chocolate but since I do keto the 90% lindt taste like a deep rich sweet-like chocolate custard :D The other day a friend tried my 81% choc chips which I use sometimes in keto treats. She said "nice but kinda bitter though" I was like wow, it's so intresting because it tasted milkchoc for me :D

  9. Yeah , coffee with sweetners is my vice , I will drink loads to try and curb my sweet tooth and I totally get you with eating a whole cake. I’ve noticed my dry skin, eczema and asthma have all but vanished when doing keto / carnivore .

  10. Wife & I fours years dry from carbohydrates. Me, formerly obese with insulin resistance metabolic syndrome fatty liver. She, T2D now in remission with insulin resistance. We wavered the first year but soon realized that one peanut butter cup, or one chip was going to throw us back into biology we couldn’t fight. Will power against our own nature is miserable fight. So, we no longer ever touch them. You see, it’s not about how we look in a bathing suit, it’s about heart disease, endothelial health, kidney function, sexual function, brain health, & living longer while feeling better, not just longer with medications & hospital procedures. I enjoy our nutrition & lifestyle so much more, modern world is plagued with metabolic diseases from heart, kidney, obesity, strokes, mitochondrial disfunction low energy, fatty or fibrotic livers, and loss of sexual function just to name a few. Our lifestyle & modern nutrition is fully to blame, not our 2 million years of evolution. The Establishment medical system, insurance companies, BigPharma, BigFood, they all count on us being ignorant & they spend billions of dollars lying to us to protect their investments in us as CATTLE. Practicing personal healthcare is not something we are told how to do, and messaging to counter ideal health we are constantly bombarded with. They make trillions of dollars off citizens with unhealthy food, selling unhealthy products, teaching us to live in unhealthy ways. Then they sell us medications & procedures to help us along. I prefer HealthCare which I am responsible for managing over just going along and being part of a Disease Management System. I didn’t know when I was younger so it wasn’t my fault. But now that I know, if I continue to not seek healthcare everyday, only I am to blame. Foods manufacturers know what they sell is highly addictive & they count on that. We have all been pawns ♟ in their game.

  11. This. 110%. Own your own healthcare responsibilty. Start with eating right - low carb, no sugar, no processed crap - and add exercise. I realized a few years ago that big pharma/food/medicine do not have our best interests at heart. They are profit machines only. Don't get me wrong I love capitalism, but not at the expense of MY health.

  12. I do , almost every day 😅 I think believe that I might be developing an ED regardless of me saying otherwise. I think my all or nothing mindset might be hindering me to binge as well

  13. If people repeatedly violate your boundaries it may be time to cut them out of your life or exchange a toxic work environment with a new job. Loosing weight is not just a change of the body it’s a change of the environment and your own attitude towards prioritizing your health. Maybe people are used to being able to push you around? So they keep doing it. Tell them to stop and if they don’t, it’s time to say goodbye for your own good. People who resist when you set boundaries and the ones who benefited from you not having any boundaries before.

  14. I understand and agree with the spirit of what your saying, but I am not sure that "quit your job" is a realistic solution for OP.

  15. Your boundaries are being pushed and it's inappropriate that anyone is trying to get you to eat foods you can't/don't want to have. You could send an email out for work saying not to leave food on your desk and your partner needs to be respectful about your choice to eat healthier. Definitely some stern but professional communication needs to happen and self-discipline on your side

  16. I have the same issue and it's a struggle all the time. I can't keep weight off long term because of it.

  17. Once I realized that any amount of processed carbs (flours/rice/pasta/cookies/candy/ice cream) was a gateway food that led to binging, I stopped being easy to manipulate.

  18. Surround yourself with low carb treats! I have Keto Shellz (by the no sugar company), keto bars, and water flavor enhancer on me at all time. If we are having friends over for dinner, I prepare keto desserts (even if they bring desserts, which I won't eat). I often bake keto treats, and store them in the freezer (I'm the only keto person in my house - sorry, not sharing)

  19. You are in control of you. I live with a carb maniac and it doesn't phase me one bit. I chose the life i want and nothing and nobody can make me do anything.

  20. I did keto for a few years with no cheats and was pretty meticulous about it. I stopped doing it for quite some time and gained some weight back. I'm trying to reduce weight again by 15 lbs or so but have found myself cycling on and off keto and not really achieving much. I think it's really something you have to want and a mind set you have to achieve. I've never expected anyone around me to adhere to my dietary choices so for me it's just about the mental discipline to stay on track.

  21. How do you feel, physically after eating something high carb? Do you feel sluggish, tired, lack of energy? I don't like feeling like that. I weigh the pros and cons and decide that it's not worth it. Plus, it takes longer to get back into ketosis.

  22. One thing about dieting in general, is how important is to have a support system. I've been lucky that my family has been great with me. My mom may not understand keto or think it's dumb, but she appreciates and supports me that I'm doing something, and, since some results have shown, she won't question the process for the most part. My coworkers also like to bring sweets to the office, and they always offer. While they of course say "just have the one" after i decline, it's all in good faith and they don't push me.

  23. I have this issue, if I eat a little carbs even fruit I go full beast mode and will swallow down like 6000kcals of carbs in one sitting then get depressed. What works best for me is just not having a balance with carbs and just stay away. I seem to thrive on high protein low carb and make some feel superhuman. What I find best in social situations is if you tell people your carnivore or keto you get hailed with opinions and every one dropping there 2 cents. Iv always found it best to just say I don’t eat that stuff it make me tummy upset or I’m gluten free. Funny enough that’s acceptable for people and they leave you alone

  24. I say “thank you” and then bin the cookies later when no one is looking. I’ve tried to refuse but it brings sooooo many questions that you can only refuse every so often.

  25. I just did exactly the same thing last night. No new solutions here - just letting you know you are not alone.

  26. There are sugar alternatives that are low or no carb. Lookup and make some keto recipes. There are low carb alternatives for virtually every high carb food. Including cookies, pizza, cakes, stews, lasagna etc. The bf will probably like all of these meals and most of the snacks/deserts.

  27. I think it could be that I used to eat everything in sight as well ,I was nicknamed the human bin😅 I think that my work colleagues think I’m developing an ED

  28. You can tell your peers that you don't want to treat your body like a trash can anymore. Leftovers are better left in the bin than in your body. Every time someone offers you something or leaves something on your desk, throw it out infront of them. Remind them that they are sabotaging your health.

  29. Binge eating is a real thing, it's a disorder according to DSM5. A lot of individuals have found some peace (mostly temporary) while doing keto and manage to avoid binges. My advice to you is you need to fix your relationship with food because it definitely seem like there are some issues there. I would say that any sort of lifestyle change requires a lot more mental preparation than just waking up one morning and not including any carbs in your diet. Process that information or otherwise seek help.

  30. The binging is the real problem. It means you have temptations that are probably not under control.

  31. I do mainly carnivore , a lot of days it’s 0 carb. And when I start I’m not even craving the first food like the cookie , it’s after I’ve eaten the carb food that I then think fuck it and eat all the other stuff

  32. It sounds like you need to have a chat with the BF. If he's going to eat carbs that's totally fine, but tell him that while it's ok for him to offer, that you do not appreciate his attempt to convince you to eat that too, and if he continues then you feel that you will need some space.

  33. I've experienced the same issues at work so I no longer even mention the word 'keto' since it seems to trigger skinny/healthy people lol, I say 'I have to avoid sugar and carbs now that my A1C was at pre-diabetes level'. Not quite a lie and it has worked well for me. As far as the BF I agree with everyone else, set some boundaries, explain this about your health and not just looking cute, he should care enough to support you. Best of luck with your journey, I think if you commit for yourself and being the healthiest version you can be you can get past the people who aren't necessarily being mean, they just don't get it. Just wait til you reach your goal weight and they want to know all about how you lost it and how you look so good!! You got this!!

  34. You have to just not eat it. Food will always be there. If this is what you want, you need to figure out how to say no and mean it.

  35. That third week is tricky. That’s when the inner child comes out for me. Like, no fair… why can’t I eat normal?. Or maybe I can have a bite if I track it and I’m still under. If you can push thru, it’s so much easier after that. There’s still temptations but it’s way easier to turn them down.

  36. When you do set firmer boundaries with these people, be prepared that some of them may go on the attack claiming keto is unhealthy. Have something ready to say to shut that down. Don't argue with them.

  37. You can talk to your coworkers and have a serious conversation where you tell them you'd like them to stop offering you food. That would help. You can have a heart-to-heart with your BF about how his pressuring has negatively impacted your goals. That would help too.

  38. I do so well with all the temptations then bam I can’t stop, I feel like I’ve ruined all my progress so now I should just binge everything I’ve wanted . Does anyone know how to stop this ?

  39. You need to remind yourself that you are strong enough to say no as many times as you need to. If that work stuff happened to me then I’d be very angry.

  40. I’ve been at this for over 4 years. I work in a hospital. High turnover rate. People bringing in all the snacks. I firmly say no thanks and I bring my food from home. The ones who’ve been there a while have learned to respect my boundaries but I had to learn to respect myself, my goals and my health. I matter. I deserve a healthy body.

  41. Also I have a family I cook for. I cook keto and add a carb for them. My kids eat a ton of fruit. I don’t eat it. They get regular ice cream. I occasionally have a rebel. My partner wasn’t into keto at first but helped me and now is also keto. We do not expect the kids to be. You can live in a house or workspace filled with carbs. You just have to organize your mind and fill it with self love.

  42. Initially I started in support of my wife because she’s only seen good weight loss results on keto, then we started doing intermittent fasting & I started seeing drastic results. We’re each others support team, we’ll text about if we have hunger pangs throughout the day and on our days off of work we’ll just do normal keto and eat a few times that day. On work days we’ll fast because it’s just easier to plan out one or two wholesome nutrient dense meals, I found myself snacking way too much at work and such just doing standard keto.

  43. That’s quite the challenge. Not easy! Like you said, once giving in, it’s hard to stop. I would be sure to always have healthy snacks on hand when you become hungry. Remember, were not to “snack” but only eat when hungry. You should watch YouTube: Sugar, The bitter truth and Sweet Poison, how sugar is killing us both by Dr Robert Lustwig. Having more knowledge on the affects of sugar and fructose helps me make wise decisions. Hope this helps.

  44. Goes without saying that self discipline goes a long way in accomplishing your goals... but one thing that always helps me is to remind myself that nothing tastes better than the satisfaction of weighing X amount. NOTHING. And when you have that cookie and begin to spiral from the introduction of sugar and carbs into your body, forgive yourself and get back on track. Ignore the urges for more carbs/sugar. It will go away eventually. Also, I've found that if all else fails with the cravings I'll take NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) for a couple of days which I find so effective in diminishing many types of addictions.

  45. BF could be sabotaging you on out of a fear of insecurity. He may worry that if you lose weight you'll find another BF. Either way your mate should be your #1 support and encourager.

  46. Try out Chipmonk keto treats, Simply Lite chocolate, and Smart sweets. They are all delicious and help satisfy my sweet tooth cravings! You can find them all on Amazon. Agreed on what everyone else is saying about boundaries too.

  47. I think this would be a mistake for someone like OP. They have a problem with binge eating. Replacing carby sweets with "low carb" sweets are a recipe for further binge eating. OP needs to get to the root of the issue which is, based on what I can see here, establishing boundaries with those in their immediate surroundings and connecting with healthier eating habits. I actually think OP would benefit greatly from therapy and a dietician.

  48. Next time put it in the bin right in front of them when they drop it on your desk. They won't want to waste food so they'll stop immediately.

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