What's the worst diet advice you've ever heard? And/or best advice?

  1. Even when I did paleo, people would tell me the "dangers" of it, but will pull out pizza with a mountain dew and honey bun for lunch.

  2. If people opted for the low sugar or low calorie versions of the things they are currently eating they could shed hundreds of calories a day. Pounds of fat per month. Just by making better choices.

  3. This resonates. I’m not doing keto, but I’m vegan, and people always say “do more research before deciding to make a big change”, “that’s unhealthy” “my [relative] went vegan and their health is bad” “but you need protein!”

  4. I’m not on keto and don’t think I ever will be again, but oh my god this comment is so true. People would give me so much advice and then immediately eat chocolate and pastry.

  5. Hey I've done paleo with success in the past but I've become sensitive to carbs and I'm considering doing keto, but as someone who needs a very clear mind for work I am hesitant. Have you noticed any difference at the cognitive level between both diets?

  6. Yes! Especially for someone like me that doesn’t have a lot of daily calorie needs (short and not super active) eating small meals all day makes it hard to stay within my calories and leaves me feeling very unsatisfied.

  7. Back before they re-did the food pyramid, my mom repeatedly pointed out that it was the same macros as her family used to fatten up cattle.

  8. Those are always the same people that will power through a big heap of chinese food or pizza and not have a problem with it. Its because the reality is they aren't judging you, they're trying to convince themselves why they aren't making better choices along with you.

  9. Not related to Keto, but worst advice was probably as a teenager when seeing a dietician about a seemingly excessive weight gain I was told I didn't need to bother tracking portion size.

  10. Best: My doctor looking at how my blood pressure, A1C, cholesterol, and weight changed when I did a year vegetarian. She started me on BP medication and spent 20 minutes telling me to cut carbs and that it’ll be hard to do without eating meat again and that if I don’t she’ll start me on cholesterol medication within a year and diabetes medication within five.

  11. Best: Electrolytes, exercise even though you don't necessarily have to, throw away the scale. Worst: "IIFYM, it's ok to have keto junk." Maybe for some, not for me.

  12. Right, that's good advice for athletes, like someone training for a marathon, but certainly not for someone whose sole purpose in exercising is losing weight.

  13. Worst: Eat carbs or fats to satiety... The higher the net carb and fat content of your diet (to a point) the lower the nutrient density and thus more calories needed to feel satisfied.

  14. Not a very good neurologist if they didn't know that keto as a practice was originally discovered and successfully implemented to help children suffering from epilepsy.

  15. I wish I could go back and respond to my doctor when he said that by drooling and asking him how it was I was able to carry on the conversation without any glucose for my brain.

  16. “Calories mean nothing, just eat good foods”. My buddy who’s never been overweight a day in his life has said this to me numerous times. You cannot give generic advice like this like it’s one size fits all. If I ate like he did and drank the amount of whole milk he does, I’d gain weight and not in a good way

  17. Ha I have a friend who has always been about 110 lb who went on rant about this. "It's all about making quality choices, and your body will use it as fuel." The amount of food she can tuck away is impressive and I wish she knew how lucky she is!

  18. "Don't do keto! It's dangerous! Your body will go into ketosis and that's bad. My sister's friend's cousin is diabetic and that's what they told me."

  19. Worst diet advice I got was from a dietitian who told me that consistently eating at a caloric deficit (while actively trying to lose weight) would keep me from losing weight and might actually cause me to gain. Can't wrap my brain around that one. Same dietitian told me that keto was not sustainable and would make me malnourished (I'm going 5+ years with perfect labs and the best health I've had in my adult life).

  20. Extreme deficits sure, but a 100 calorie deficit will ALWAYS result in weight loss. Until you reach maintenance for that weight. Weird advice.

  21. The best keto diet advice I got was twofold - don't taper your carbs, just go cold turkey and skip the low carb desserts.

  22. Intuitive eating always comes off as bad advice to me. If I tried to intuitively eat, I'd be on 600lb life. My intuition is to eat and eat and eat everything until I'm sick and then eat some more.

  23. That the way I'm "dieting" is bad and I should just do intuition eating and not restrict myself this advice coming from a "friend" who is damn near 500lbs and is on two different kind of high bp meds and diabetes meds.

  24. People telling me I NEED CARBS. Otherwise I am unhealthy. I am pretty sure that the 80lbs I lost were impacting my health a lot more than the imaginary carb deficiency. I then try to explain how your body can produce its own glucose through glycogenesis in the liver. But they heard something from their friends uncles third cousin’s brother about it. So I must be wrong and I am the one losing weight wrong.

  25. Worst: Jane fucking Brody. I moved out on my own in 1990. Headed to the bookstore to find a cook book. Ran across one that was half nutrition stuff and half recipes, wow! By Jane Brody, New York Times "Nutritionist", called something like "Living the High Carbohydrate Life". According to her (still), you shouldn't eat hardly any fat and not very much protein. Mostly plants. Any animal products are supposed to basically be seasoning.

  26. I wouldn’t tell anyone what type of diet or food plan I was on. Just say you are eating healthy and be done. No one should judge what you are doing to be healthy.

  27. True. Understanding comes after the information and too many people don’t go that further step before their own agenda blasts in.

  28. I’ve always said that my mom thinks everyone is either too thin or fat. 80 percent of my life I’ve been fat and now that I’ve lost 45lbs she says I look like I’m on the verge of fainting 🤷🏾‍♂️

  29. "Our mom told us when we were younger, if we ate a sugar, you drink a Diet Coke afterward and it'll cancel out the sugar."

  30. Eating low fat is healthier. Turns out most low fat foods are high in sugar. My friends from college and I laugh about the years (!) we thought having frozen yogurt for dinner was super healthy! Ugh. Does not work well for my metabolism. At all.

  31. I basically get triggered whever someone says the words "balanced diet" at me. There are so many edible foodlike products made from agribusiness crops purely because government subsidies make their production incredibly cheap (corn, wheat, soy, and sugar). Just because they exist doesn't mean they're healthy, even in small quantities.

  32. Worst: 1. Cardio will help you lose weight 2. Eat low-fat 3. 3 Meals and 2 snacks per day. Best: 1. Lift weights, even if its just your own body weight 2. Eat when you're hungry & don't when you're not & 3. Foods like avocados, eggs, and full cream unsweetened yoghurt are da bomb!

  33. I really have to reign in my reaction any time an overweight, out of shape person tries to tell me anything about diet/nutrition. There’s one guy in particular who is objectively a poster child for cardiovascular disease who has repeatedly told me I’m killing myself by doing keto, and that I need carbs to live.

  34. As an overweight nutritionist with a thyroid condition, this hurts. But it's not like I disagree, hard to take advice from someone who looks like they dont follow their own plans (I do and I am losing weight, just very slowly because I'm also still breastfeeding)

  35. Honestly, some of the best advice I've had was from people that don't practice what they preach. Their loss for not actually following through.

  36. "Calories in Calories out" is the worst diet advice I ever received. I was eating less than 1000 calories/day and hardly losing a pound a week.

  37. Eat less, move more. Everything in moderation is the key. The vegan diet is by far the healthiest diet for humans. (all this coming from skinny people)

  38. "finish everything on your plate to grow big and strong, don't waste food" -my mom, even after I said I was full

  39. “Eat smaller meals frequently throughout the day.” Awesome. Keeps your insulin levels high all the time, so you’re always hungry and you can’t burn fat.

  40. Calories in, calories out. I understand you can burn macronutrients in a lab and measure how many calories are in them, but so what?

  41. Well, to be fair, burning is a chemical process. Fire is basically the rapid oxidation of various molecules, releasing heat and light as byproducts. That said CICO is a very inadequate model for weight loss.

  42. Except virtually every controlled human trial ever done validates and verifies this model. In the end, you cannot violate the laws of thermodynamics.

  43. At 17, I was a very skinny teenage girl (167 cm and 42 kg, or 5 feet 5, and 92 pounds) and wanted to gain some weight because I had neither boobs nor ass (and I already ate huge amounts of quite healthy homecooked food, I ate more than my father did at every meal), so people told me this: I should just start eating a lot of cookies. Not only could that have given me diabetes, but it also would have risked my health in other ways, since I would likely only have gained fat and probably gotten a big ugly belly instead of the desired results. I wish someone could have just explained the concept of "late bloomer" and that I would likely be a shapeless stick figure until maybe the age of 23, and that I couldn't do anything about it but wait. Luckily I usually ate so much other food that I couldn't really "fit" that many cookies in, and couldn't afford it anyway, so the "cookie diet" didn't last long. I'm going to be 30 now and looking back at actual pictures of myself from that time, there really wasn't anything wrong with me at all, and I wish I could have come across some body positivity instead of bad diet advice. I think a lot of people have a really distorted and problematic view of themselves and don't realise that no one else can see their "faults".

  44. Eggs will kill you. Meat will kill you. It is not healthy not to eat bread, you will suffer from stroke. You eat too much (when eating carbs, I my whole meal was 2 boiled eggs with a tomato)

  45. At my daughter’s last check-up the NP had an absolute fit that my kid was drinking Almond milk instead of cow’s milk. She also eats chia seed pudding, plenty of cheese (if she takes lactaid pills first), and lots of protein and vegetables, but I’m apparently neglecting my lactose-intolerant child by regularly depriving her of milk meant for baby cows 🤷‍♀️

  46. Anything that suggests food is good or bad or that demonizes ancestral foods in favor of a European standard.

  47. Avocados are the best fruits for keto they have almost all your daily electrolytes in just 1 and sprinkle some salt helps

  48. I think the worst "advice" I ever received was from an ex who told me that drinking water while working out at the gym was basically negating the exercise.

  49. I agree, when I say I am doing keto they’re like I’ve heard so many stories! Same person has said this so many times, the last time I said good now you can right a book, I won’t buy it. Yes I was being witchy ! I’ve lost 55 pounds ! Been at a stalk but it’s my own fault as I haven’t stayed on track. Getting back on track starting yesterday!

  50. It enough to go in keto or other diet groups and you will see plenty , cut that cut this dont eat that this iš bad , this one will get you cancer

  51. During my school days when I am lean ... Everyone said me to eat oily food,Beer ,Ice cream etc... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣... But now I am trying to reduce my weight....i can't able to do so

  52. worst- listen to your body and eat what it needs/ wants (that way i'd end up eating pizza, cookies and drinking tons of energy drinks)

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