Anybody else felt sight improves a lot on keto?

  1. I have type 1 diabetes. When I have high blood sugar, one of the symptoms I notice is that my eyesight becomes slightly blurry or less focussed, so yeah, this could be related

  2. This. One of the more common reasons people get diagnosed with diabetes is because they go to the doctor complaining of blurry vision which can be caused by high blood sugar levels.

  3. I don't know enough to explain it but you are absolutely right on eyesight improving with keto. Dr Courtney Hunt talks a lot about this on her Instagram account, she is a very smart and interesting doc, at times she is hard to follow but she has a lot of great info on keto, sunshine and how it all helps us

  4. I suspect it's the mental high/mental clarity. I personally found Keto (and IF in general to some extent) helps with mental clarity. I didn't realize how mentally foggy I felt until I started Keto. The whole world felt sharper, in all of my senses, not just vision.

  5. My prescription actually did improve, I’ve been to two eye doctors because I thought the first one didn’t know what he was doing!

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