Keto Pet Peeve of Mine

  1. We live in a world of sugar addicts. It would be similar to giving a glass of orange juice to an alcoholic, and them saying "this is pretty good for it not having vodka in it."

  2. This. I recently made the strawberry shortcake cheesecake that was posted on here like two weeks ago. No one knew and absolutely raves about it.

  3. It depends on the dish whether the "..for a keto meal" is valid or not. If it's a sandwich then perfectly valid, some keto bread is ..ok.. but not great compared to the real deal. Cauliflower mash is another example, it's OK but no where near as nice as potato.

  4. Yeah exactly!! If I’m making chicken thighs with okra, broccoli and a Greek side salad, it’s going to taste the same as a non keto dish because there’s essentially no carbs required. I make a kick ass keto quiche though and always get compliments. It makes me feel good because it’s a lot of work to make it taste as good as it does and it’s a dish that is traditionally made with wheat flour and lots of carbs.

  5. Gotta beg to differ there. My cauli mash is way, WAY tastier than mashed potatoes. The key is to slice cauli and roast it in butter until it's a deep golden brown, then throw it in the food processor. Crazy addictively good.

  6. After a few weeks of keto, natural sugars in nuts & veggies become apparent, everything tastes amazing to me, even broccoli & celery. But I never developed a taste for artificial sugars which keto desserts are generally loaded with. When not keto, food is “blunted” & I chase starch (not so much sweet), crunchy & smooth textures, for the next dopamine hit…. my palate is quite different. (I’m also a decent home cook/baker, & a bit of a “foodie” too.)

  7. Some of the greatest Beef Jerky I have eaten is Vegetarian (I mean really awesome) but as soon as people found out it wasn't actual meat they said "Eh it's alright for being fake meat..."

  8. i say this about any healthy version of desserts. in my opinion no other type of chocolate cake will beat just original chocolate cake. not reduced sugar, not reduced fat, not keto, just the classic butter, flour, sugar and eggs. so yeah keto chocolate cake, in my opinion, will never be as good as regular cake no matter how good you make it, so considering how good a keto cake can get i would say “yeah this is pretty good for being keto” meaning, this is the best a keto cake can get.

  9. I’ve never heard that. Usually it’s someone worried about all the fat in the dish. Either way they know they’re gonna enjoy it!

  10. I break my keto for 2 weeks every 3 months and I can honestly say regular food always taste better, except Halo top ice cream lol, I'd take that over regular ice cream any day.

  11. If you like Halo Top, you should really try Rebel or Enlightened. Halo Top doesn’t hold a candle to them (once you let them soften).

  12. Dunno. I gotta say, I love Keto, but a lot of Keto alternatives are inferior to the "real" thing. Not all, but a large chunk.

  13. Yes, the you only live once, you should be happy mindset, and the cognitive dissonance that comes from hearing that they can be healthy while still enjoying food.

  14. Hand on heart I've been enjoying my food more in my past nearly 6 weeks of this keto stuff than I was beforehand

  15. It happens with gluten free food too. Nobody would believe that my chocolate cake was gluten free. (I don’t make it anymore as it’s not keto.)

  16. People just expect “diet food” to not taste very good so when it does they are surprised. And then they have to comment on it because we are human and most of us just say stuff without thinking it through

  17. I can agree to when is cooked. However, I am highly skeptical and will think the same "good for being keto" when I buy a keto marketed food. For example, Slim Fast keto chips are actually tasty, where I haven't found a store bought keto bread product that tastes great. Its just peoples perspective of food and experience with it.

  18. I enjoy keto tortillas, although white bread is generally pretty bad. Then again, so is non-keto white bread.

  19. There are so many different foods in the world and people learn to cook those foods so well that they are a part of their culture. I think about foods I can eat now, in that same way. These foods are what is available to me in and I embrace them. I’m not serving Keto, I’m serving the food of MY country.

  20. Lol. It's funny, because I can make and bring keto friendly dishes and apps to parties and people don't realize. Hello pork aand cream cheese stuffed mushrooms, or better yet, charcuterie board.

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