How wanting to be sexy changed my life. [ 26M, 6'2" | SW: 330lb | CW: 210 | GW: 190 ]

  1. Holy shit that's an impressive transformation! You know, I'm a big proponent of not trying to lose weight from a place of self-hatred but I really think that wanting to lose weight to be more sexy or attractive is a completely valid reason. I've had people give me shit about how dieting and working out to achieve a certain body type isn't good yada yada. But I'm like no, I wanna look hot as hell! But I totally agree with your points. Looking attractive is about more than just weight loss or body types. Dressing appropriately, taking care of your skin, getting regular hair cuts, practicing good hygiene, being positive and have a great personality are all important factors.

  2. Thanks! :) I love that I'm not the only who thinks that way. I guess it works for some people really well, but I'm certain it could be a slippery slope for some. I mean even in my story there were some moments where it started becoming an unhealthy mental fixation - that if I didn't achieve a certain body type I'd never be sexy. A large part of my journey was just recognizing what my body type will allow me to look like - I'm always gonna be tall and bulky and I had to come to accept/love that.

  3. You hit a point that I think is overlooked often. Work towards a positive goal rather than away from a negative place. Just the change in this mindset can make a huge difference.

  4. Daaaamn guy - sexy achieved. I’m not saying I’m willing to compromise my career to be a military wife but I’m not NOT saying it, ya know? 😉 excellent job

  5. I too would consider being a military wife. Though I'm a guy. And not actually gay. But damn.. that mustache though. Good work OP, you were a touch of inspiration I really needed when I read your "get sexy plan," but now that I've perused the imgur album I am dead set on keeping at it.

  6. I loved the mustache. You can definitely tell how much your confidence increased as you reached goals, which, in my opinion, greatly increases the sexy

  7. Thank you so much. Was required to be completely bald/clean shaven at OCS, but don't worry it's mostly all back at this point, mustache included.

  8. You look absolutely fantastic. I’m not hitting on you I swear lol, but I have to say you were very good looking before and after. Good for you for making positive changes!

  9. Same. The reason I'm losing weight is because my best friend was telling me everything she looked for in a guy and it was basically me + athletic build so I decided I needed to change something

  10. Amazing!!! I’m 5 months in and down 80lbs! Thanks for motivating me a bit more to keep pushing! You look so good!

  11. Finding energy to exercise is a real best. However, I lost a majority of my weight before I ever once exercised! The adage that you "Lose weight in the kitchen" is absolutely true up to a point.

  12. I'm here to tell you that you have achieved incredibly sexy, my stranger friend. Awesome transformation! Motivation at its finest (pun intended).

  13. I never comment on these posts. You look amazing. I like the way you break everything down. It seems like you are also emotionally healthy. For me, you are incredibly inspiring.

  14. Thank you. Honestly. Proof that it can be done with consistency and dedication and I love your rules. 😊

  15. That is a magnificent chin and you should never hide it. Also you could do a solid Dr. Disrespect look.

  16. I’ve been there too with the entire being gaunt looking, I was all the way down to 160 in high school and I remember my mother telling me that l looked like a walking skeleton. It definitely puts things into perspective.

  17. That’s as good a reason as any. And you’ve definitely reached your goal! :) I love the mustache. But I’m biased, they’re my weakness lol.

  18. This guy is one of my closest friends, and he basically got me to start keto as well. He's definitely done a bit better than I have, but he's an absolute inspiration when it comes to fitness and weight loss.

  19. Have you read the book "Can't Hurt Me"? I've recently started reading it and your military/weight loss journey kind of reminds me of his. It's a memoir/life-lesson book and its very inspirational.

  20. It’s great to see someone being on this for longer than 6 months. I’m down 30 pounds 240 now, and I have some okay muscle mass being 6’1” but still look mostly “soft”.

  21. I found it always helpful to see people with similar body types at different stages. I know that "soft" look. It'll go away with time and effort, just gotta stay motivated!

  22. Congratulations! I have a similar story, started at 320lbs at my heaviest, hit 201 at my lowest, ballooned back up to 220, now adding in IF and back down to 215.

  23. Very inspirational, I am basically at the same starting and 5 month weights myself, and this just super motivated me to ramp it up!

  24. Nice job! From a fellow veteran, you look amazing. How special to receive your commission from your dad. I bet he’s so proud!

  25. Nice work. About my weight. I know I need to drop as much as you did, but keep putting it off. I basically have the same motivation too. I want to be sexy.

  26. Wow you look great!! I’ve been wanting to do keto but it seems so hard since food and mainly junk is so good. What did you do to fight off hunger and 30g of carbs seems so little what did you eat when you were still hungry?

  27. This is a really important question, I am going to try my best to answer it. Snacking was the reason I was fat. I didn't eat exclusively junk food, I just ate too much food generally.

  28. Hey. Did you or will you make any changes now at 210? Or just keep plugging away? I got to 192 it slowly crept back up. Would you increase exercise or something, 3mi run? Plus, you’re a bit taller than I am.

  29. These days I loosely stick to less than 50g of carbs a day, on the weekends I give myself some leeway on that if I want to go out. I am also very physically active, usually running at least 15 miles a week and 3-4 days a week in the gym.

  30. DAMN! I am in the same boat. Like almost the same. I am not happy with the way I look now, so I am taking steps to fix this. My SW was 323 and I am currently at 294. It has been about 2 months now and I am noticing clothes fitting better and just overall have a better outlook on life. I have had a couple of cheat days but regretted them the following day when my stomach was giving me some fun issues! Seeing you post this, with a similar body type to me, makes me feel confident that I too can get this done and be part of the "sexy" club! Keep it up!

  31. Yessss!! Nothing is more satisfying than fitting into clothes better. Equally, nothing is more frustrating than having to buy new clothes every few months because you're losing so much! I highly recommend investing in Old Navy jeans - they stretch and are generally cheap, especially on sale.

  32. Thank you for breaking down your journey and providing such inspiration! Congratulations on your success!

  33. Nice work. I have a stats and story. 6'2" started 330, got down to 215, running, workouts, fasting. But mental illness hit hard and led me to put some of it back on - I took my foot off the gas. I'm now getting back into it. Wanting to love yourself and wanting validation for being sexy is quite a motivator. I hope you're happy with the new you!

  34. Haha, hey man I was living a pampered life before going to OCS! The militarization process was a major shock to the system. Priors of course went through OCS like it was nothing 😂

  35. Looking at all of your photos, all I saw was a sexy guy - including the one that made you want to change. The best part about what you did is opening your heart & mind to a world of possibility. I hope you find adventure in the Navy - I loved my time in (enlisted) service and discovered a lot about myself. Also, splitting before deploying = smart choice. If she had any doubts about wanting to move or be a part of the military life, you both gifted each other something special in making that decision. There are plenty of people who are built for that lifestyle, but equally as many who are not. Some people need more presence than others.

  36. Awesome work! I didnt notice hardly any loose skin did you not have an issue? What job did you go into in the navy. My dream if I hit the standards is to go into the reserves as an officer at this point any branch that will take me lol I know AF is currently the oldest first OCS but the bottleneck is tight. My dream as a kid was to be a pilot but that ship sailed with age :(

  37. Loose skin is a real issue, but it's something that sorts itself out with time and muscle! Just gotta be patient.

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