Do I really need to caption this?

  1. I don’t want to think about my own flaws, learn new skills, or grow as a person. I just want software to connect me with someone as desperate as I am.

  2. I can be sympathetic because taking a deep look at yourself isn’t always easy. I pay a therapist every week to help me do it. However…I got some great advice once. Think about who you want to date and think about it in great detail. Be honest, would they date you? Either change yourself or change your expectations. There’s no middle ground.

  3. I made a comment like this on a thread and got downvoted all to hell. Dude complained he was awkward and broke. I was like - you can work to change both of those attributes. The neckbeards didn’t like that response. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get to fuckin work fixing it.

  4. Or just pay for it as well He can literally do both but highly doubt he thinks it’s him that’s the problem even though …. Clearly….

  5. Or realize they’re demanding prostitution for free, stop whining, suck it up and pay for it if they don’t plan on changing their lifestyle.

  6. I look similar to this guy. You know how I got laid when I was his age? I interacted with women and acted confidently and we became friends and things would evolve. You’re not getting any pussy by feeling sorry for yourself, and you certainly don’t “deserve” anything from anyone.

  7. Don't even need that, just gotta lower their standards. I used to room with a guy that was ugly as shit, but he 'slayed mad poon' as he put it because he didn't care about only banging '10s'. He was very self aware and admitted he'd never get laid if he only pursued the '10s'.

  8. “but I shouldn’t have to change who I am for people to want me, they should have to change who they are and want me!” - him, probably

  9. We could totally make this app. Everyone who feels like this could create an account and make their profile. Then the profiles will match with each other randomly, using zero criteria other than proximity, and say "you two should fuck!"

  10. I'm curious, if such an app that had a 100% get laid guarantee existed, would he want to sleep with the people who would sign up for this app? I have to assume that such an app would have to pair you with someone that you are now contractually obligated to sleep with and you don't get a choice in the matter. It would take a great deal of desperation on both parties to want to sign up for something like that.

  11. I have a solution and it doesn’t even require an app. First let’s start with getting rid of that overgrown chinstrap beard, dude looks like Kevin Federline in ‘08. Next maybe wear a fuckin shirt if you don’t wanna work on those shoulders. Third, be a normal fuckin human and leave your house and socialize

  12. Even taking the neckbeard part out of this equation, I find that there's a lot of men who don't understand that getting to the sex is a process on these apps, even if you're looking for casual sex or hook-ups. Most people expect to meet you in a public place first, they don't start off talking about fetishes and sending nudes and commenting sexually about the other person's body. You need to verify whether the person you're potentially meeting isn't an insane person and is safe first. Lots of these guys just want to fuck like RIGHT NOW and they get mad when it doesn't work out like this because they give off serial killer vibes or immediately violate your boundaries. Which is not good for person to take back to your place and have sex with. None of them want to do the work it takes to get to the casual sex part. Casual sex is still technically dating, but these people don't wanna treat it as such.

  13. There is someone on this earth that is desperate enough to sleep with you, no matter how ugly you are, but you won't sleep with them because they don't meet your standards, which is, funny enough, the same reason why the women you want won't sleep with you. That's life.

  14. JFC if they took care of themselves, stopped going shirtless like that was "hot" or something and actually started being decent humans, they'd get laid. In fact, they'd likely find a woman that really likes them and would get laid consistently.

  15. This is why sex work needs to be decriminalized. Losers like this can pay to get the only thing they want: To get their dick wet. They clearly don't want a meaningful relationship, they just want a Fleshlight with a pulse. At least a woman can make an honest dollar keeping these incels from getting so frustrated they turn into Elliot Rodger.

  16. A lot of people want to feel desired even if they have no intentions of actually having a mutually beneficial healthy relationship, so this isn't necessarily a silver bullet.

  17. They still get to pick their clients, so he'd have to be willing to pay AND pay the price negotiated which might be too high for him.....and he's back to where he started

  18. Neckbeards seem to lack the ability to self reflect and also to handle constructive criticism. Idk what it is or why it’s so common across them. Being in a board game group and some fighting game tournaments I’ve made some acquaintances and it’s the same with all of them.

  19. This dude needs to see some daylight and hit the gym. Probably needs to stop watching anime, too

  20. I know the common thread tends to be "be half competent and you can get laid" but what happened to "who gives a shit if I get laid?"

  21. That’s the problem with modern men who fall Into this “incel” category. Unwilling to try shaving, getting a job (so they can have decent clothes, a car, and a place to have privacy besides parent’s basement) also learning how to coexist with other people and interact in a semi normal way. Just order it up off your phone your mom pays for that’ll work but they cant just be any normal woman they must be under a certain weight and willing to cook for you and care for you like your mom. These people are not “involuntarily celibate” it’s voluntary. I don’t know a single person who is well groomed, is able to take care of themselves independently, and is not super picky, that cant get laid.

  22. Either go gay for one night stands, or get yourself one of them automated sex machines. Men need to start thinking about alternatives to sexual wellness. It's okay to have needs, stop being a wuss and admit that you have them. Then, think about how you want to address them. There are means if you have coin. And, well, at that point, you have to have coin. You will always have coin when you have a portable computing device that can make calls and connect you to the world wirelessly.

  23. He looks like Emperor Nero. To be honest the guy in the picture looks kinda handsome and definitely my type, but the horrible outlook on dating is what's really outputting. If he fixed it it would definitely help a lot.

  24. Well, Anders, I’m sure you’d have had more options if you hadn’t have decimated an island full of teenagers

  25. this dude ain't even bad looking, but the attitude stinks. anyone he might have an interest in can see the shit he posts and it would be an immediate turn off. there are just some things you don't air out publicly if you don't want everyone side-eyeing you all the time.

  26. This is code for, “I don’t want to have to put any work into myself or make any attempt to form a connection with another person. I just want sex delivered to me on a platter because I’ve convinced myself I deserve sex, no matter what. My nerds and wants are superior to the wants and needs of others. I have a shit personality with shit hygiene habits that I refuse to do anything about because I am owed sex.”

  27. Maybe sort your facial hair so your receding hairline and neckbeard doesn’t make you look like a fat loser head squeezing through a dirty arsehole.

  28. I mean it would be nice to have an app like that, even if I don’t exactly have trouble finding temporary companionship

  29. How does a person have zero self awareness of what they’re posting online? And how do they not think through to the next level how this makes them look?

  30. So, this is old, and I have no idea what the circumstances were, but every time I see it, I get the impression that he's supposed to be like, scouring the internet for this mythical app. Like he's trying to make a joke, but it's really not landing.

  31. Well there did use to be Backpage. Not sure what the replacement is though, I'm one of the normies that only found out about that one when the media reported it'a dunkening

  32. Just download Grindr maybe? I mean he does look the way he does but Grindr is designed for hookups, so he would probably manage to get laid. Other than that, them’s the breaks kid.

  33. It’s called paying a hooker for sex. And in your case she might ask for a non refundable deposit and cancel

  34. Well, Backpages used to be a thing, but I’m sure there are ways to find SW in your area. But I think this guy doesn’t want to have to pay for it, or doesn’t think he should have to pay for it.

  35. I need explain this facial hair trend for me. Why are people shaving their facial hair in a way that makes their heads look like a baboons ass?

  36. FFS, why can't these cretins just pay someone for sex? Pass the screening process and you're guaranteed at least 30 mins of someone pretending to enjoy your presence.

  37. it`s called the exercise app where you can improve your self image and no app at all and go out to improve your outlook on life

  38. Fucking Newport. He could probably just call his sister and romance her with a little banjo music. I'm sure she'll hook him up.

  39. I don′t know why it's so difficult For me to talk to somebody I don′t know Well. I try to ask you out about a Thousand times in my head you just always say no! And I don't care at all, I'll drink some alcohol, it′ll make me who I really wanna be. But i′m that kinda special person that Drinks too much, because nobody understands me! Because everybodys got somebody, everybody but me, Why can't anybody just tell me that i′m, somebody's? I′m gonna lock myself inside my room with this 40 ounce on repeat, Eat, Eat, Eat, Eat, I thought that if I cleaned up my act, It'll help me understand exactly who I am. But I hate to say that it just don′t work like that, Because i'm a special individual. I don't need a plan But I got bills to pay, And I got bills to pay, because I′m born and raised in the USA! And I just scream and shout, that i′ll Never sell out, I'll never sell out man! Wait, How much? Because everybody′s got more money, They got more money than me, Why can't anybody just give some more, money? Because everybodys got somebody, everybody but me, Why can′t anybody just tell me that i'm, somebody′s? I'm gonna lock myself inside my room with the television on repeat Eat Eat Eat Eat Eat Eat Eat Because everybodys got somebody, everybody but me, Why can't anybody just tell me that i′m, somebody′s? Because everybodys got somebody, everybody but me, Why can't anybody just tell me that i′m, somebody's? I′m gonna lock myself inside my room with this 40 ounce on repeat Eat Eat Eat Eat Eat Eat Eat Eat Eat Eat Eat Eat Eat Eat Eat Eat Eat Eat Eat

  40. Either he’s a rapist in the making or he’s going to end up with that one girl who will cut his throat in his sleep because she had a dream that he cheated. Either way it’ll be his own fault lol.

  41. How about just talking to a woman, get to know her, date her, get to know her family and then boom, your having frequent sex by someone that knows you and is for you rather than asking the internet for free pussy which youll never get with that ginger neck and pale skin, plus not to mention you look fat and probably still lives with his parents which women hate the most about men is when they live with mommy or daddy after 21 years old, get a life loser, nothing is free, nothing is easy, and nothing will be handed too you without effort.

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