I can’t believe we’re actually getting lagoon customisation!!!!

  1. Now it just needs to be made that you can take a park tour through it. Imagine having your JP tour go through a huge glass tunnel with the water surrounding you.

  2. Agreed the only 'dino' I would like is the Styx. It says on Frontiers site it has bioluminescent patterns. More glowys are always appreciated!

  3. I know it's a long shot, but I'd LOVE for them to one day add viewing glass to the walls, so we can make huge aquarium style displays

  4. Frontier is a really great example of developers who really listen to their community and do their best to implement what we've been asking for. They may not be the fastest, but I can't think of something the community has consistently asked for since launch that has not been added or at least mentioned by the developers as a goal.

  5. This came along quicker than I was expecting. Its not perfect, but its a huge step in the right direction. At least Lagoons are going to feel a bit less like the red-headed stepchild now that there is more we can actually do with them.

  6. That is fair, but the styxosaurus looks fantastic and thankfully isn’t another spiky crocodile-skinned monster while still looking really interesting,

  7. We really needed this. Now all we need is more amenities like balloon rides, river tours etc. it would also be nice if we could have bridges to put over water and decorative waterfalls.

  8. Why is it that every time Frontier does something good, it's always followed by "this is great but we want more!" like can we just slow down a little bit? The update isn't even out yet.

  9. https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/jurassic-world-evolution-2-late-cretaceous-pack-and-update-4-coming-september-15-2022.608027/#post-9940292

  10. omg finally i can add lagoon stuff sweet now all i want is having flying land and sea dinos in the same cage that be amazing

  11. I have a dream where Frontiers one day will deliver a complete game at launch and we won't have to buy the game part by part each months with DLC.

  12. I get that. I’m not especially hyped for the Dino’s they chose. The Styx looks kind ugly, and he new pterasaur is not very interesting too mr

  13. So I definitely want to get JWE2 working so I can enjoy this lol just cant seem to get the game not to crash after a minute of trying to play.

  14. I know!! The update is in a couple days too, so I’m incredibly excited for all the changes that’ll happen with the lagoons and dinosaurs!

  15. Are the lagoons still super bugged out? I stopped using them in my parks because they pretty much always got busted and I’d have a dying Attenboroughsaurus hiding in a mountain somewhere nearby lol

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