New to Tie Dyeing, and found a tutorial on how to do non-symmetrical shapes. 1st try, I did Shaggys face paint. It's 95% perfect imo. The chin got some black streaks touching which looks like Shaggy's got a braided vikings beard. Thoughts?

  1. Hey, I thank you. Maybe if I get the balls to do it, I may start up an online shop somewhere. Maybe if I get enough requests and get my quality up to my standards.

  2. I've tied died once, shit was fun, never even thought about doing something like that, but that looks amazing, I've got inspiration for my next project. What video did you watch?

  3. Thank you. It was a failed execution of a mix of Jokers Cards colors. Blue and pink for Carnival of Carnage, Yellow and Black for Ringmaster, Purple and Green for Riddle Box, Grey and Red for #1 jokers car.... the best... my favorite.... the great...... MILENKO!, Orange and Yellow for AJB, and Red Yellow and Black for the Wraith.

  4. That's epic. For a first attempt that's totally fucking epic. You should find a way to show the clowns it, I'm sure Shags himself would be impressed!

  5. That is dope bro, 2 dope! I can't even imagine how you did it. I've been a screen printer half my life, it would be super cool if you made some of these and maybe used some water based ink to print something text on the back or a hatchet man on the sleeve etc. Very cool

  6. I am contemplating getting some iron on patches of Hatchetman to toss on the sleeve. Also, thank you! I am so proud of this, even though I feel it isn't perfect enough.

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