Manager keeps adding extra tasks that are not included in my job description and that I am not being paid for.

  1. FWIW, contractually speaking, that only goes so far. People tend to win unemployment claims over that when the “other duties” are outside the general thrust of the job description.

  2. Are you paid for the time you spend doing those tasks, or are you salaried and these tasks require you to work outside normal hours?

  3. Yes and no. For example, it may be a duty typically assigned to someone who gets paid a higher wage, at which point you aren't being appropriately compensated for the work.

  4. Your post is too vague to give a good response. Did they hire you to mop the hallways then ask you to perform brain surgery? Or did they hire you to mop the hallways then ask you to mop the restroom?

  5. People shouldn't be doing things not in their job description. Employers hire people for specific tasks. If they need additional tasks fulfilled, they can either hire more people or negotiate and appropriate pay raise. Anything else is knowing exploitation.

  6. Were you the only one in those companies to step it up then? I'm wondering about this, usually it helps if you get the gist of politics, or that they know you are one of them.

  7. Then you've got ideal opportunities to asking for a pay rise. To be honest, this is something that you should be able to talk to your manager directly about - especially if these duties are regular parts of your job now.

  8. Seems to me you just don't want to do anything beyond what you read your job description as. If you're being paid for your time, you're being paid for those tasks. And I can lay money on the fact that your job description has more than you think it does. Most do and usually includes something along the lines of "other duties that may or may not pertain to your effective role". If you don't like your job, find one that you do and doesn't ask you to do more than the bare minimum.

  9. One thing to always keep in mind, is that HR is not there to help you, as I assume you know from your post, but others may not. People tend to think that HR is there for employees' well-being, but I promise you, they are only there to help protect the interests of the company, and prevent lawsuits. Anything you say to them will be used against you in any way possible for the benefit of the company.

  10. I feel like I wrote this post myself. I’m in the same exact situation as you. My work load has steadily increased over the last year, and with no extra compensation to show for.

  11. Yeah you’re going to need to learn how to say “no” professionally or managers will take advantage and exploit everything they can out of you.

  12. If you’re hourly, document everything and just do them put all documented things into a cover your ass file. Let all your other work fail and when you get pulled into a meeting about your performance, you bring out the CYA file. Been around this block before. As long as you’re doing good work they’ll have no ground to stand on.

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