Whole Foods looking **so** close to complete

  1. There was massive structural work here. It was a garage, all ramps. They had to remove that, while not damaging the building, then install new. And you can’t use a crane indoors on a complete building.

  2. Part of me wonders if this will ever open in our lifetime or if it was a ploy to lure more residential developmenta to the area by saying there’s a Whole Foods coming. Entire high rise buildings have gone up faster than this reconstruction, probably would have been cheaper to start from scratch.

  3. I have it on good authority that they decided to dig a tunnel to link this location with the one in Tribeca. The tunnel will provide easy access for staff and executives to travel between JC and NYC so work and projects can flow more easily. After all, don’t forget that the Whole Foods northeast HQ is also moving to Jersey City. Once the tunnel is complete, it will be outfitted with WiFi using Internet supplied by space-based satellites from Project Kuiper (another Bezos company) and automated people movers using a highly modified Rivian vehicle platform (Bezos has invested heavily on Rivian) - the tunneling work is slated to be carried out by Green Links (a new Bezos company) which together with Blue Origin, Rivian, and Project Kuiper, are Bezos' answer to Elon Musk companies (Boring Company, SpaceX, Tesla, Starlink) and represents the latest development in their increasingly hostile rivalry. When completed, this project will act as a sort of showcase of the Bezos corporate and investment portfolio.

  4. Part of me is damn schizo moment, but the other part.... I believe you. Its so insane that it could just work.

  5. Its one of those jobs that take "years" to complete. Everyone stays on payroll and the job keeps getting extended.

  6. I know we don't have the best grocery stores here, but does it matter to anyone else that they seem to have terrible labor practices, the founder is a nightmare, and its now owned by Amazon, one of the biggest corporate villains in history? Just me? I do like their ebike/trailer set up for deliveries they do in Manhattan. Obviously not ideal that the workers feel like they need to run reds to make speed targets.

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