Sorry to anyone we’ve annoyed in this community!

  1. yeah god forbid someone share jam band content on the jam band subreddit. I'd understand if you were spamming the sub daily but you guys post what like 3-4 videos here a month? I don't think it's a problem, if people really wanna bitch about it then let them, I don't think you should stop posting.

  2. It's reddit policy overall to request that you do more than just share your own content. It gets noticeable after a while. If someone else was posting it somehow that is different.

  3. As a guy whose also in a band who posts here occasionally ill commiserate with you. Being in any creative venture requires this weird fucking dance of putting yourself out there and trying to find eyeballs without doing too much or appearing to “try too hard”. Its a real bullshit litmus test we put on creators since marketing is so crucial and necessary in today’s saturated market where the barrier to entry being a creator is so low. This obvious applies to both the jam band scene directly and the wider creative arts, although it does feel like our scene is much more punitive in applying this standard than others.

  4. I’m right with you on this. It’s such a fine line to walk - engagement drops off real fast if you share too much stuff, but it’s disheartening to work so hard on music that no-one hears when you know there’s an audience for it if you could get enough people to give it an honest shot. I haven’t cracked the promotional part of this biz, but I’m also sure a lot of fans just don’t have a real idea of how hard it is at the ground level

  5. Fuck 'em. Post your stuff and keep this sub community driven and diversified from the typical 5-10 bands that dominate post content. (my perspective as a member of this sub)

  6. This spoke to me as a fellow musician - basically, screw that. Someone else below put it better than me, artists of any sort have to somehow promote themselves without looking like they are promoting themselves, try to get the music you've made to the world that you're proud of without looking like you're trying, apparently everyone else is supposed to magically find it out without your involvement and spread it on your account, it's a huge head trip and it kind of sucks.

  7. Fuck them yo your band is awesome and your posts of you guys showing your material made me a fan. From you posting your stuff on Reddit. It worked as intended. Everyday Above Ground. Song is a hit. Yalls bass player is a boss. Keep posting don’t let the Reddit critics get to you. Fuck em all.

  8. I've been listening to your cover of enter sandman for weeks and didn't connect it was you guys posting!! Yall slap, not annoying at all

  9. One of the new bands I actually enjoy seeing come up in my feed. Everybody needs to have a problem with something these days, y’all keep workin!

  10. Its the worst! I come here for the latest and greatest keto recipes, not for hippies dancing to band practice!

  11. I'm tired of seeing your shit on here. I wanna see your shit live! If you're going to be in the Louisville area let me know please.

  12. don't let the vocal minority stop you from spreading your light! us, the silent majority, are loving your stuff! you definitely have made a fan

  13. Man people are too sensitive. Forget about em. This is a Jam Band sub and y’all fucking jam. Case closed, you are right and “they are wrong”. Continue posting please.

  14. Reddit is super hard to do self promo on even tho half the front page are astroturfed ads posing as content. If you try to promote your own content it can get you banned. It's so stupid and honestly this site is terrible for creative people IMO. but what social media isn't lol? But you probably didn't do anything wrong. Reddit just hates any music that isn't major label or a meme

  15. I’m surprised it didn’t get you banned, I asked for venue suggestions in places I don’t live for the band I play in and the thread got locked

  16. i don’t ever say this really, but fuck the haters. that’s social media for you, everyone offended by something or everything.

  17. You’re only allowed to spam jamband channels with constant videos if you have a Connecticut trust fund and sound fairly generic.

  18. Man this sub has a few bitter twats, WTF is a jam band subreddit for if not to see videos of jam bands and discover new ones??!

  19. Lets be fair, there’s no actual way to know if they are truly even a jam band from what they’ve posted, which is mostly < 30 second clips of solos. They sound cool for sure tho!

  20. As someone who does the same thing, I feel you. The people who complain about this have absolutely no idea the unreal amount of grinding and work it takes to get what is ultimately a tiny fraction of the success that other music scenes have to offer.

  21. I don't recall every even seeing a single post by you, but I don't read the whole feed here and only rely what shows up on my home feed.

  22. To be honest, I have had the thought where I sort of felt like y’all’s presence here was sometimes a little pushy and aggressive and marketing-y. BUT! I do think y’all have a great sound and you clearly have some killers in the band. I think if it were a little more sparse and whole shows or at least whole songs it would be received better. I appreciate y’all owning up to it. Hope to catch ya in NYC soon! Feel free to hit me up if ya need any advice on venues here or anything. Or even just what else to do while you’re here. Much love ☮️

  23. Nah, man, you guys do your thing. This is a place for improvisation-based rock music — if that’s what y’all do, then this is your space just as much as any other jam band we discuss here

  24. You're good. Your vids are good and you are no where near the level of that other band that spams

  25. I like your stuff but do more wardrobe changes lol, the bassist where’s the same damn hat! And the others have the same patterned shirts!! Switch up the costumes! And don’t be offended by the term costume haha

  26. That was me. I created this throwaway out of embarrassment. I realized immediately that my comment was out of line and I sincerely apologize. I was a having a very bad day and took it out on you guys. The jams are sick, please keep going. I hope to catch a show one day

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