I wasn’t going to get a case

  1. Imagine not spending $60 for a proper case and screen protection for your $1000+ phone and now you might’ve to get a $300 screen repair to avoid breaking the warranty.

  2. $60?? You can get a perfectly capable case for a fraction of that! Are you shopping at the airport? 😅

  3. I gave in after I handed my jacket to the dental hygienist and she tossed it across the room onto a chair, throwing the phone in the pocket onto the floor and cracking the screen in the corner.

  4. Yup if I paid for AppleCare (and I don’t), I would probably go without a case, but I’d still have a screen protector on it. Reason being personally: I don’t mind some minor scratches on the “chassis”, but scratches on the screen is no bueno.

  5. Case and screen protector on my 14Pro. Can’t afford to replace or repair, and I bought it for what it does not how it looks. Although the case does look good, the extra grippiness is the best advantage, since it’s less likely to get dropped.

  6. Always protect your phone with a case and screen protector. Regardless of if you have AppleCare or not, these are expensive devices to repair and repeated repair/replacement costs also add up even with AppleCare/protection. Respect your hard earned money.

  7. Last year I went no case on 13 Pro Max. This year took it step further with 14 Pro Max with no case or screen protector. Shouldn’t be an issue I don’t drop my phone a lot.

  8. I never use a case on my iPhones but I do always get a screen protector to prevent exactly what you experienced, that scratch. 😬

  9. Always get a case and I always get a screen protector. Normally I spent $10-$15 for a case I spend $15-$20 for a screen protector every year.

  10. I somehow got a scratch on my 10S Max even with a case, so I probably should still put one on my phone to make sure that scratch is the only one. I had cases and screen protectors on my 12 Pro and when I traded it, it basically looked brand new despite a couple of falls that broke the protector.

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