Daily Tech Support Thread - [November 27]

  1. hey everyone! just got my pacific blue iphone 12 pro max two days ago. decided to go caseless this time, one day in and i already got a deep scratch on apple logo. i guess it’s ok but just wondering is there any way to make it less visible? i know it won’t bother me soon but for now it does 😄 appreciate any help!

  2. My iPhone 11 constantly freezes and I have to turn it off and back on also sometimes when I turn it on it doesn’t fully turn on its a black screen with a bit of light and to fix it I have to turn it off and back on but that makes me auto hang up calls

  3. i went skiing with my 11 and ever since it had had a blown sounding ear speaker that buzzes whenever playing bass sounds above 50% i’ve already cleaned it with alcohol. any tips? if not does apple replace these

  4. I enjoyed the default weather thing when you swipe to the right on your home screen. However, I installed MyRadar so I can see radar maps, and it replaced the default weather interface and I can’t seem to get it back. I would like to have both. Is that possible?

  5. Following up on the issue with ring tone repeating like a broken record. The issue has gone away in the last couple of days, so I assume it was fixed in one of the IOS updates.

  6. Question about blocked number. If you block a number, what does the blocked number get if they text you or call you?

  7. iPhone 12 overheats and gets really hot. Is is due to the heat heating up the magnets inside (im in australia so i wouldnt be surprised) Or am i over using?

  8. The true definition of overheating is when the phone shuts down to protect itself from damage. The phone will get warm and that is normal.

  9. Hey guys, my wife has an iphone 7 and she is trying to clear up some space 'cause she has too many videos and pictures. She is trying to send her videos into a harddrive through a computer, but when she does so, most of the videos are left with only the audio, but they are still mp4 files. Has that happen to anyone else? Is there a way for us to fix that problem?

  10. So I was just reading a book on my phone and the screen went black and I got that loading symbol and then it went back to where I was but the app crashed. Should I be considered?

  11. I have a question about magnets affecting iPhone camera. I was looking at buying a third party case with a magnetic wallet, but then I stumbled upon a

  12. Anyone having trouble reaching the silent/ringer switch on the iPhone 12 through the Apple leather case? Damn it’s hard to get in there

  13. getting blackscreen after 30ish secs when watching a video in safari browser on iphone SE 2020 ios 14.2

  14. Anyone know how to transfer contacts only to a new iPhone? My new iPhone12p (yay) just came in and I’d like to start “fresh” in terms of pictures and messaging but I can’t lose my contacts due to work reasons.

  15. Anyone notice lag when charging? Lots of stuttering and slowness when charging with an apple charger and cord

  16. no. also dont recommend not having a password since you got bank shit on there but you do you man

  17. Anyone else have this problem where their iPhone 12 pro max records video for only a second and it stops recording?

  18. Does anyone know how to get my Mac to recognize my Iphone 12? When I first connected it it said I needed to update my mac for it to work. Now that I am on Big Sur it doesn't recognize it at all.

  19. Have you tried restarting computer, restarting phone and trying a new cable or different USB port?

  20. Ok so I just read the rules AFTER i posted on the regular subreddit, didn’t know if it will be approved or not but I have a question. My iPhone 7+ has full memory because I haven’t updated it (other system data). And it won’t update because it needs more memory 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ tried deleting some things, can’t get it close to the 3.75 gigs it needs. Help

  21. How much will the refurbished 11 pro (64gb) cost when it starts being sold by Apple next year? (I am essentially asking how much the XS initially cost refurbished)

  22. Has anyone else been having iOS 14.2 problems? My 8 Plus has been working fine up until I updated to 14.2. Now I have a shit ton of glitchy problems. It reboots probably 5-8 times a day. I can no longer wirelessly charge it. The battery indicator doesn't show how much battery drainage has occurred until after it's been rebooted. If I tap the volume up or volume down, it ramps all the way up or down. There's a big delay between me tapping on something and it reacting. In messaging, I can type out the first few words before they appear in the text box, rapidly catching up. Everything is delayed delayed delayed. It awful. My phone had no issues prior to the install. I even installed a fresh battery a few months ago because it was no longer at 100% capacity. How can I get out of this 14.2 nightmare?

  23. What’s the difference between iPhone data transfer tool (when moving from old to new iPhone ) and restoring via iCloud or iTunes ?

  24. Has anyone else not been able to use landscape mode in Messages on iPhone 12 mini? I can't get it to work despite everything I've tried. Apple's support people told me this is not a feature on 12 mini... but that seems to make no sense, since the screen is bigger than my 4s, 5s, SE, 6s, and my fiancee's 7.

  25. I've just subscribed to Apple TV. However, there doesn't seem to be a lot on there I can actually watch? The TV shows I click on just direct me to another app/channel. Is there something I'm missing? I thought it was going to be something like Netflix!

  26. Snapchat draining anyone else’s battery? I’ve had issues with it before but they’ve returned with my 12 Pro it seems. In general I feel like the battery quite quickly drops on this device, I can look at my photos for a couple minutes and lose 2-3%. Is the battery really that much smaller than 11 Pro?

  27. Weirdest bug I have ever seen in my life. iPhone XR on iOS 14.2. Apps cannot use the microphone but the phone app can. Backup of it cannot be restored to other phones. Wiping the phone does not solve it. Any solutions?

  28. I bought the iPhone 11 and was searching for bluetooth headphones and found the JBL 500BT Tune at a good price.

  29. How do I turn off the auto headphone volume setting? It thinks my Bluetooth adapter in my car are headphones so it automatically reduces the volume on its own and is really irritating.

  30. I can’t update my iPhone to the latest version. I have an iPhone 6s and I have tried to download iOS 14.2 but it does not download at all. It’s on iOS 11.2.6 right now so that is probably part of the problem. I have tried linking my iPhone to a Mac via wired cable to install the update but it keeps saying that the software file was corrupted. What else can I do other than buying a new phone?

  31. You can change it back by going to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text replacement then add a new shortcut, with the shortcut being mdr and the phrase being the emojis. It should autocorrect itself now.

  32. iOS 14.2 added new emojis (like 🥲and🦤) plus others. Basically when they added the new emojis they updated the naming of a lot of the others. I don’t believe there is any way to change it - it’s a software thing. Having said that I’m currently typing this on the latest OS beta (14.3 pB 2) and lol is now 😂😆😝

  33. iOS 14.2.1 keeps forgetting my WiFi password. Any ideas to fix without having to reset my network settings (which wipes hundreds of wifi passwords)?

  34. Is there any website that reliably sells used phones? I’m looking for a used 11 pro, unlocked, but it seems like no matter what website I stumble up on, it has people discrediting it or saying the website is not good. Where is a trustworthy place that I can buy a used 11 pro?

  35. Someone called my mates with my phone number and the weirdest thing is they were all beside me when they were rang with my phone which was in my pocket and not ringing them what’s happening here

  36. Someone spoofed your number. Unfortunately it’s easy to do if you know how and can’t really be stopped at this time. All you can do is wait for the scammer who spoofed your number to move on to a different number.

  37. I’m on ios14 on an iPhone 11 A friend sent a location via iMessage, to which I responded with a love heart react. The app then crashed, and from then on (a week ago) I cannot open that text thread. All other texting is fine, I’ve tried texting by forwarding an image from the photos app, I’ve force quit, hard reset the phone, everything.

  38. If iCloud sync for messages is enabled it will be removed permanently in any way, but in this case from all other synced devices as well. If you won't find any other option, make an encrypted iTunes backup and delete the thread. Then you can export that chat from the backup in PDF with smth like

  39. Seems like that’s the only way, unfortunately. If you enabled iCloud for iMessage, it should restore all your chats.

  40. I just upgraded to an iPhone 12 about a week ago and my Photos app is stuck on upgrading. I’ve backed up my phone before I received my new phone. My iCloud settings for Photos is on and is set to Download and Keep originals. I have tried turning off iCloud Photos and turning it back on, keeping my phone plugged into a charger and connected to WiFi and leaving it for a few hours, and even resetting my phone, logging back into my iCloud account, and choosing the most recent backup. I checked on

  41. Hey guys I recently got the iPhone 12 Pro Graphite 256GB from South Korea and I'm loving it so far.

  42. Didnt experienced anything like that. What do you mean interrupt ? Everyone heard me just fine even when in talking in loud places.

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