Is there a way i could get this off of my screen time activity without turning it off??

  1. Use another browser for those. I really like Aloha since it also let's me download a video and save it within the browser very easily if I really like it.

  2. Well to get it off that screen, you need to watch 7 minutes of Netflix, use YouTube Studio for 14 minutes, and play Subway Surfer for somewhere between 15 and 30 minutes.

  3. you can use another porn app , or even a browser . i actually quite like using brave , and use my google widget for non porn purposes

  4. Stupid question why is this not showing up as safari time? Unles you have the website as an icon on your Home Screen?

  5. For all of you saying “use reddit, use another site, use private mode, etc.,” that doesn’t apply to internal app browsers. If you click on a link in reddit, the internal browser is technically safari and it will show up in screen time exactly as OP has shown, with no way to remove it.

  6. You can turn off and turn back on to clear "Screen time activities". It will start over (clear all activity), but atleast you clean the website you want to get rid off!

  7. You watch x videos instead of the black and orange portal, you don’t deserve to have that removed 😂. Apart from joking I don’t think you can. Is a bit drastic only to solve this problem but I think that a reset is allowed without password apart from the Apple ID one

  8. Don’t watch porn, it’s not good for your body nor your brain, and you are supporting an industry of quasi-slavery for many women in some countries, as well as an industry were rape is accepted. Don’t do it.

  9. Just go incognito… Always do! Also don’t bookmark such websites as they will be suggested in your searches. Keep your stash hidden. That has been the only rule forever!

  10. Private page is there for a reason… also you don’t mind having it in your history but in your settings it’s a problem? Also 31m?💀

  11. Similar situation happened to me when accessing a link from Reddit. I couldn't figure out how to get it removed but what I did was click on the that field right there in screen time and limit it's access to 1min per day for a quick work around until I can figure out some way to have it removed.

  12. Oh shit, I’m too afraid to even check my usage, now that I know it logs this sort of thing. I’m pretty sure that I’ve spent way more time on certain sites than I’ve thought: insert generic, “But, time flies when you’re having fun!“ 🤪

  13. Why don’t you want it to be there? Just don’t visit this site…… that’s the easiest way!

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