Im new to inuyasha and was just wondering if the anime is worth watching or not

  1. Inuyasha was the first anime I watched on adult swim (ie: not toonami or Saturday morning cartoons). Everything from the story to the characters and lore makes it imo the best anime series of all time

  2. Nothing like waking up at 4am in the early/mid 2000s to watch Inuyasha! Inuyasha was my first Manga and one of my favorite anime! I’ve watched it at least 4/5 times through

  3. Honestly the anime is kind of meh. A lot of us love it because that was our first instance of the World of anime & manga and also have fond memories watching it either early in the morning or late at night as a kid/teen. The anime tended to suffer as most 90s anime did of falling into repetitive jokes and slapstick comedy with many of the mange's nuances lost both in translation and making it into a show. If you really like Inuyasha then I recommend the manga which is a lot more fleshed out.

  4. I like this answer. Unlike shows like Demon Slayer, AoT, and HxH (and a few others) “InuYasha” doesn’t have a very wide appeal. You must have either grown up with the show (like I did) or genuinely enjoy long-running action shounen with lots of mindless filler, as it does start to get repetitive around episode 100. Group corners Naraku, Naraku goes into hiding, rinse and repeat. I’ve seen enough better animes to know “InuYasha” is pretty average, but the romance and the humor carry it for me, with nostalgia doing most of the heavy lifting. It’s comforting for me to watch because it takes me back to a time when my biggest worry in life was missing a new episode, lol.

  5. Yes! I know there's websites where you can see which episode is a filler and which is canon, if you want to skip the fillers. Though they did character development on the fillers so still interesting to watch.

  6. I love it, but I guess it depends on what you're into? I tried getting my nephew to watch it with me and for the longest he didn't want to (he was super into Naruto), once he watched it [InuYasha] on his own he hated it. Or so he says lol So it really is up to what you're into and how long you want to invest your time watching it. It's 7 seasons long and four? Movies I forget how many lol I've never read the manga but I am pretty sure it's way better than the anime.

  7. Yeah Inuyasha and Final act are a great show to watch. Inuyasha however has a lot of filler, I think at least 2 seasons are pure filler, maybe 3. The Final act definitely moves at 100 mph, and i think leaves 0 loose ends.

  8. Um, sorry but I can’t say yes. Don’t get me wrong, i loved it but it’s 167 episodes long; that’s 55+ hours of watching and it gets pretty repetitive eventually and the plot development is very slow. However, it is fun and cute enough to watch a few episodes and the movies. That’s a time saving solution imo just because I’d rather do other stuff with my life in these 55 hours. But if you have some time to kill, go ahead and watch, it’s fun.

  9. I'd say it's worthwhile, but the criticisms other users in this thread have are, imho, valid. I wouldn't let that scare you off, buy just something to keep in mind.

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